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7 reasons Admation is better for managing marketing projects than spreadsheets
Spreadsheets have traditionally been used by marketing teams and ad agencies to track approvals, manage resources and timelines, allocate tasks and more. But recently the demands on marketing teams and agencies have increased and the needs of their clients have changed, so the tools traditionally used are not longer suitable for managing creative projects. Unfortunately, spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets lack the flexibility to manage project resources in the modern world. As the industry has evolved, creative teams have found they are managing increased volumes of clients, projects and up-to-date information and spreadsheets are no longer able to keep up. They quickly become inaccurate, inefficient, and ineffective. That's where marketing project management software comes in. img src="" alt="AdobeStock_328991693" width="800" style="width: 800px; margin: 5px;" Admation is a marketing project management software that allows you to manage your projects and resources with ease. Rather than using inflexible spreadsheets to try and keep track of deadlines or liaise with external stakeholders, admation integrates your project management with your resource, asset, and approval management in the one easy-to-use software. If you're still following the old school path of using spreadsheets, potentially wasting precious time or risking more mistakes, here's why marketing project management software is better than using spreadsheets.
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