Approval Workflow: Template and Simplify Processes

Consolidate, streamline and simplify the review and approval process by eliminating the clutter of spreadsheets and emails. Define workflows with templates, create detailed, consistent briefs, a powerful online review, mark-up and proofing toolkit for clear, quick collaboration with minimal touchpoints and an approval pathway to ensure the correct signoffs at the right time for total compliance.

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Collaborate Better. Reduce Revisions

Send approvals to all stakeholders and view the feedback compiled in one, central location. See all reviewers’ comments, and tag other users to kickstart conversations. Reduce touchpoints. Manage inconsistent feedback at the review stage to avoid additional changes and multiple revisions down the track.

Streamline Workflows

Automatically route approvals on a dedicated pathway and have confidence that the right stakeholders will review the right content at the right time. Approval templates, pathways, and checklists take the guess work out of the approval workflow.

Eliminate email

Don’t to trawl through endless emails to find the latest artwork version or approval. All creative assets are modified online with full version control. Online proofing software enables users to save all feedback and approvals in one central online location.

Stay on Track. Meet deadlines

Manage deadlines with automatic alerts and notifications that remind stakeholders when feedback or approvals are due and reduce time-consuming manual follow up and reliance on out of date processes.

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Managing Approval Workflows

Streamline Projects with Online Briefing

• Project set up: Set up new projects in a few easy steps. Attach all supporting project documents - briefs, estimates, schedules and more. Every document will be stored and organised in one central location. Documents can be easily searched, identified and shared among project stakeholders.

• Briefing templates : Create customised templates with an in-depth choice of fields to get a detailed, consistent brief and make a strong start to the project. Provide clarity of objective and purpose. Add in all the specs, skill requirements, schedules and deadlines, and approvals. The more detailed the brief, the better the creative outcome.

• Brief approval : Improve marketing compliance and reduce artwork revisions by routing your briefs through a quick approval process. Stakeholders can review the information to ensure the final brief is relevant, nails your requirements and meets compliance guidelines.

• Duplicate briefs: The Copy Online Briefs feature enables busy marketers to copy a completed brief across to another deliverable in the same project or to a different project. Then they can simply go into the new deliverable to edit any details they want to change.

Simplify Approvals with Pre-defined Pathways

• Approval overview: Know the status on every stage of the project – which assets are waiting for review, who needs to give feedback, how many revisions have been requested, which assets still need to be approved, and if the project on track.

• Approval Lists and Pathways: Creative assets are a result of close collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. Set multi-levelled and sequenced approval pathways and automatically send artwork on to the next group. Total compliance means getting all the needed signoffs at the right time. Add deadlines so there are no bottlenecks. Approval lists combined with templated pathways ensures nothing slips through the cracks, avoid compliance issues.

• Batch Approvals: Often assets, content and documents are repurposed and reused with very minor changes. Ability to compare versions and approve entire batches of content speeds up the approval process, avoids repetitive grunt work and gets assets to market quickly with the right approvals.

Feature Rich Tools to Drive Efficiency

• Checklists: Approval checklists allow you to create a list of actions or questions for stakeholders to complete prior to providing feedback or approval on artwork. The checklist, along with contextual information guides the approver to making the right decisions. Reduce the chance of revisions further down the track!

• Collaborative tools: Send content for approval to a range of stakeholders and collate feedback in one, central location. Stakeholders can view all reviewers’ feedback and can tag other users in comments to kickstart conversations. Manage inconsistent feedback at the review stage to avoid additional changes and high revision counts down the track.

Enhance Collaboration with Online Proofing

• Mark-up review tools: Markup any file online such as print, web, video and HTML files. Annotate changes directly onto a PDF, mark up web pages for a visual record of work. Annotate video and HTML files by capturing a still frame, then mark-up your changes.

• Online proofing: Feature rich toolkit to review, comment and markup media files. Adjust the size or position of an existing annotation with the Hand tool. Use the Shapes tool to draw boxes, circles and lines on artwork to highlight a change. Freehand Drawing tool to draw objects, connect items or write text.

• Version control: Automatic version control to ensure that every change is recorded. Invaluable for reference when creative assets have undergone several revisions or been modified for local use. Finalised version is automatically stored into the digital asset manager.

Ensure Compliance with Integrated Tools

• Reporting: Easily generate reports on any aspect of the asset creation – time taken, resources used, revisions made, approvals needed and more. Convert reports into visuals, graphics and charts to share with team or groups of approved users. Use the data to guide strategic decisions.

• Audit trails: There’s always a record of every action taken on the asset. Easy to go back and refer to changes, who made them and when they were made. Build accountability for actions and ensure compliance best practice by storing information.

• Security: Having all assets and processes to review, modify and finalise them in one hub ensures that large, clunky asset files do not have to be transferred by email or other file sharing solutions. Avoid breaches of confidentiality and corruption of file formats by ensuring all stakeholders access the same file in the one place.

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