Accelerate your E-Commerce.

Get your products from vendor to market swiftly, creating a seamless customer experience with rich product information. Produce stunning marketing promotion collateral from a single source of truth with collaborative and approval tools. Integrate with multiple e-commerce marketplaces with customised product information. Manage vendors, control retail production and connect merchandising in one solution.

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Product library

Enrich your product information for a seamless digital customer journey across multiple touchpoint and store in one central repository. Synch information across all teams, promotions and marketplaces.

Promote products

Enable marketing teams to produce catalogues, eDMs and other print and digital promotional content from a single source of truth, with collaborative and approval processes for localisation and compliance.

Integrate e-commerce

Get your products into multiple e-commerce channels on brand, with accurate and updated product information. A single solution from vendor to marketplace.

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Create a Single Source of Truth

  • Store and manage product information in a single source of truth.
  • Add rich detail – videos, images, description, specifications.
  • Ensure accurate product information is used every time with a single update.
  • Slice, dice and configure product information in multiple ways based on purpose.
  • Built in DAM stores and manages all images, video, audio and logos associated with the products.
  • Marketing teams can self-serve from product catalogue confident that information is updated and approved.
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Sophisticated PIM Tools

  • Include the essentials - core product information, attributes and specifications.
  • Add product marketing copy, assets and media with collaborative tools.
  • Enhance customer experience with editing, proofing and formatting tools.
  • Customise with channel specific information for multiple marketplaces.
  • Add store-specific, SKU level information for POS.
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Accelerate Marketing Promotions

  • Provide a collaborative hub for marketing, merchandise and design teams
  • Create a retail marketing activity providing a clear brief, details deadlines
  • Designers can create templates for merchandise to load their products
  • Editing toolkit, drag and drop functionality ensures products go online swiftly
  • Digital mud maps enables buyers to have visuals of product pages and catalogues
  • Templates enable quick creation of print catalogues and eDMs
  • Approval pathways and defined process ensures compliance
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Leverage Data Driven Marketing

  • Access a range of reports to manage the retail production process
  • Collated feedback provides large volumes of feedback across stakeholders in one place
  • Summary reports provide inputs in one go, reducing touchpoints and revision counts
  • Product history provides a complete account of pricing, promotions, discounts, sales and their dates
  • Overviews provide visibility of the retail production process
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Supply Chain and Vendor Management

  • Automate and manage new products from vendors and the supply chain with Product Onboarding feature
  • Enable vendors to add production information, images, video etc by giving them direct access to the solution
  • Automatically prompt vendors for missing or incorrectly formatted information
  • Batch uploading of images, products speeds product onboarding
  • Integrate vendor management with Retail ERP for seamless and automated operations
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Retailpath – Features

Product Library - PIM

A single source of truth to store and manage product information and assets including name, attributes, images, product copy with variations for print, web, email and marketplaces, icons and logos.

Product Groups

Products come in different colours and sizes. Store and manage shared content for a group of products, while also controlling images and information that is unique to one product.

Product Images

Product Images are an important part of Retail. The PIM allows you to set the Image Order/ Sequencing and set defaults for Web and Print. Built-in Cropping Tools and Swatch Creation save involvement from the Design Team.

Promotion Set Up

Marketing kickstart the process by creating the activity, setting key dates and allocating pages to Merchandise Categories.

Template + Disclaimer Library

A range of custom templates help manage brand consistency across marketing campaigns and the disclaimers library ensures marketing compliance obligations are met.

Mud Mapping – Product Placement

Drag & drop products onto the online Template, and build a PDF preview of the eDM, advert or catalogue page. This forms the first brief to the design studio.

Studio ready Brief

Save time on artwork creation by with the promotion brief supplied as an InDesign File with Product Images, Pricing, Copy and Callouts positioned on the page. Reduce risk or error and create first version faster.

Online Review with Markup Tools

Review artwork online and mark up changes via a complete set of online proofing tools. Product and Price Changes are updated via the PIM so the master file is always up-to-date.

Change Logs

Change requests are communicated to the Design Team via summary reports and checklists. This ensure that nothing gets lost and feedback is received via a consistent process.

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