Simplify Marketing Compliance: Minimise Risk

Consolidate all compliance activities and documentation in one platform, eliminate scattered spreadsheets and emails to ensure consistency. Automate tailored approval workflows to reduce bottlenecks and maintain compliance. Collaborate seamlessly with real-time communication and transparent audit trails. Streamline processes, save time, and achieve regulatory adherence with ease.

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Simplify Compliance

Effortlessly manage all compliance activities in one central platform, ensuring consistent adherence to regulations for your marketing campaigns. Streamline processes, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance with ease.

Save Time with Automation

Streamline your compliance processes by automating checks, reviews, and approvals. Eliminate manual tasks, minimize errors, and free up valuable time for your marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives and achieving campaign success.

Trust in Compliance Efforts

Rest easy knowing that your compliance efforts are supported by meticulous audit trails and comprehensive customised checklists. Ensure all requirements are met, build confidence in your compliance initiatives, and easily track and report on your compliance activities for peace of mind.

Foster Collaboration and Accountability

Promote a culture of teamwork and responsibility by enabling seamless collaboration among marketing teams, legal departments, and stakeholders. Facilitate transparent communication, file sharing, and maintain a clear audit trail, fostering accountability throughout the compliance process.

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Managing Risk and Compliance with Admation

Automate Compliance Workflows

• Custom Checklists: Automate compliance checks, review cycles, and approvals, reducing manual processes and the risk of human errors.

• Workflow Automation: Streamline compliance workflows with automated tasks and approvals, saving time and increasing efficiency.

• Tiered Approvals: Establish a multi-level approval workflows to meticulously review artwork, guaranteeing compliance adherence at each stage and minimising mistakes or oversights.

Manage Compliance with Built-in Tools

• Security Hub: Store, review, and finalise assets and processes in one secure hub, preventing breaches of confidentiality and file corruption.

• Regulatory Document Onboarding: Attach relevant regulations to projects, eliminating outdated document references and ensuring compliance for internal and external stakeholders.

• Approval Checklists: Create comprehensive checklists to cover all compliance aspects, instilling confidence in approvers and reducing the chance of critical requirements being overlooked.

Collaborate and Give Feedback Effortlessly

• Collated Feedback and Comments: Collect and organise feedback from multiple reviewers in one place, avoiding repetition and maintaining concise and actionable modifications.

• Online Editing and Markup Toolkit: Utilise online proofing and markup tools for clear outlining of required modifications, eliminating ambiguity and enabling quick turnaround times.

• Review and Approve Multiple Assets Efficiently: Manage campaigns with numerous variations across different platforms, all requiring approval. Streamline the review process for large batches of assets, utilising powerful features to enhance productivity.

Enhanced Approval Processes

• Version Comparison: Easily compare two versions of a document on a single screen, facilitating quick approval and verification of changes.

• Version Control: Automatically maintain version control for creative assets, recording every change and serving as a reference for revisions or modifications.

• Deadlines and Reminders: Set deadlines and receive automated reminders to keep projects on track, identifying potential bottlenecks and addressing delays proactively.

Track Compliance through Improved Collaboration

• External Agency Approvals: Enable secure access and review of documents by external agencies, ensuring compliance with third-party stakeholders without external file transfers.

• Department Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and compliance adherence with other departments, such as Legal and Compliance teams, through a centralised platform for seamless communication, document sharing, and review cycles.

• Legal Reserve Button: Enable reservation of jobs for legal review, preventing duplication of work and ensuring efficient management within the approval workflow.

Manage and Report Compliance Effortlessly

• Online Briefing Forms: Capture legal parameters and compliance requirements during the initial briefing stage, aligning marketing campaigns with compliance standards from the outset and minimising the risk of breaches.

• Tiered Approvals: Implement tiered approvals for thorough scrutiny of artwork, ensuring compliance adherence at each level and reducing errors or omissions.

• Automated Reminders: Send timely notifications to stakeholders, prioritising compliance-related tasks and preventing delays in the approval process.

• Automatic Audit Trail: Automatically record and maintain a comprehensive audit trail of marketing work, including activity from external stakeholders, supporting compliance monitoring, transparency, and compliance-related audits or investigations.

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