Admation Feature Spotlight - WIP Reports

By Jodie Byass


Staying on top of project progress is essential for marketing teams, ad agencies creative teams and their internal and external stakeholders. With the increasing number of tasks, deadlines, and collaborations, the need for a streamlined, efficient way to monitor and report on work in progress (WIP) has never been more critical. This is where the updated Work in Progress (WIP) feature in Admation steps in, redefining how marketing teams and ad agencies manage their creative projects and workflows.


Understanding WIP Reports in a Marketing or Ad Agency Setting

At its core, a WIP report serves as a vital tool within a marketing or advertising agency to provide stakeholders with a snapshot of ongoing projects. These reports serve to streamline communications, optimise project management, and facilitate decision-making processes. The purpose of a WIP report is multifaceted, aiming to ensure timely project delivery, identify bottlenecks, manage resources effectively, and enhance overall productivity and efficiency.


Admation's WIP Feature: A Closer Look

Admation's WIP feature is designed to cater to the needs of creative teams. It not only allows for the creation and categorisation of WIP notes but also the creation of comprehensive WIP reports. Here's how it works:

WIP Notes: These are concise, post-like updates that can be added to a project to notify users about the current status. While Admation does not notify users when a new WIP note is added, these notes are crucial for generating WIP reports and fostering short conversations and updates about general project progress.

Generating WIP Reports: Users can generate WIP reports by clicking on the 'Reporting' section. This automatically generated report provides an overview of all projects, including key meta data such as project IDs, names, key dates, current phases, project owners, and compiles the latest WIP note. It's an invaluable tool for initiating discussions within the team and with clients about project progress.

 WIP Report

 Features of Admation's WIP Reports

  • Customisation: Admation offers the ability to customise WIP note types, enabling teams to categorise notes according to their business structure. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for agencies working with diverse project types and multiple stakeholders.

  • User Interface: The user interface (UI) of the WIP Report has been updated to offer a cleaner, more user-friendly experience, enhancing the process of tracking and reporting on projects.

  • WIP Status Field: A new WIP Status field has been introduced, allowing jobs to be marked as On Track, Watch, Running Late, or Off The Rails. This visual cue system makes it simpler to identify and address issues at a glance.

  • Collaboration: Teams can add WIP notes directly via the WIP Report interface, facilitating quick project status updates during client meetings or internal reviews.

 WIP Note

Benefits of Admation's WIP Feature

The WIP feature in Admation offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved Visibility: Stakeholders have a clear, real-time view of project statuses, enabling better decision-making and project management.

  • Enhanced Communication: The feature facilitates open communication among team members and with clients, ensuring everyone is aligned on project progress.

  • Increased Efficiency: By identifying bottlenecks and issues early, teams can address challenges proactively, keeping projects on track and within budget.

  • Customisation and Flexibility: The ability to customise WIP note types and reports allows agencies to tailor the tool to their specific needs, enhancing usability and relevance.


Traditional WIP Report Management Challenges

Before centralised systems like Admation, marketing and advertising agencies often relied on manual processes, using spreadsheets to manage their WIP reports. This traditional approach presented challenges such as time consumption, the risk of human error, and difficulties in ensuring real-time accuracy and accessibility.


The Pitfalls of Spreadsheets

Managing WIP reports via spreadsheets often meant dedicating substantial time to input and update data, leading to tedious processes, potential errors, and version control issues. Sharing these spreadsheets among team members and stakeholders could result in miscommunication and delays.


A Client's Experience

An agency client spent an entire day each week updating spreadsheets in preparation for client WIP meetings. This manual effort diverted valuable resources from project work, limiting the agency's responsiveness to project changes.


Transitioning to Admation's Centralised WIP Reporting

The shift to Admation's centralised WIP reporting system marks a significant departure from traditional methods. By automating and centralising the WIP reporting process, Admation alleviates the burdens associated with manual spreadsheet management. Teams can now enjoy real-time updates, reduced manual entry errors, and more efficient communication among project stakeholders.

Admation's platform provides a unified view of all projects in progress, enabling teams to easily track statuses, update progress, and communicate changes without the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. This streamlined approach not only improves operational efficiency but also allows agencies to reallocate their time and resources towards more value-adding activities, enhancing overall productivity and client satisfaction.



As the landscape of marketing project management evolves, Admation's updated WIP reports feature stands out as an essential tool for agencies seeking to optimise their project management processes. It represents a significant step forward in managing marketing projects, offering the features and flexibility needed to navigate the complexities of today's marketing projects. Embracing this innovation is key to enhancing project visibility, improving collaboration, and ultimately achieving marketing project success.