Conquering Marketing Mayhem: How Admation Checklists Saved My Sanity

By Jodie Byass


Ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of marketing projects? Digital, print, video – it never ends. And on top of that, each project comes with a mountain of approval requirements. Keeping track of all those requirements felt like wrangling kittens – adorable, but utterly chaotic.

Sound familiar? It definitely did for me. Here at Admation, our team was constantly battling the never-ending approval checklist monster. Did we miss a crucial detail? Did legal have the latest brand guidelines? Did we include the updated terms and conditions?  Was the stock image license still current? The constant worry gnawed at me. A compromised marketing campaign could mean anything from a minor setback to a full-blown PR disaster. Yikes.

Thankfully, the Admation product teams witnessed my frustrations first hand and released a feature that's been a game-changer: Approval Checklists.  Let me tell you, it has changed the way we manage approvals and definitely given me a sense of control that I did not previously have.  Let's take deep dive into Checklists. 

My Built-in Safety Net: Understanding Checklists

Approval Checklists act as your personal marketing guardian angel. Admation lets you create templates customised with questions, information, and actions specific to each project type. Think about it – a video project checklist would be totally different from one for a social media campaign, right? The approval of a product information brochure for an insurance company is going to require a different level of sign-off than a company newsletter. Admation's checklists can be fully customised to ensure each project has the appropriate approval requirements integrated into the workflow. This clarity keeps stakeholders informed of their review tasks and involvement at the right time.


A Deep Dive: How These Checklists Became My Secret Weapon

Here's how Admation Checklists became my secret weapon:

  • Mini-Review Guides in My Pocket: Each checklist is basically a mini-review guide tailored specifically to the asset being reviewed. Reviewers answer these questions before giving the thumbs up, guaranteeing a thorough and consistent review process. No more missed details slipping through the cracks!

  • No More Irrelevant Questions: Checklists for Every Role! The beauty of these checklists is their flexibility. We can create specific ones for different teams – legal, brand, product – each with their own criteria. No more wading through irrelevant questions! It's like having a personalised roadmap for each stage of the review process.

  • Never Another Accidental Approval! To guarantee compliance, reviewers have to complete all checklist items before signing off. This eliminates the risk of someone accidentally approving an incomplete project. Phew, one less thing to worry about!

  • Streamlined Submissions = No More Delays! Admation doesn't just help with reviews, it streamlines submissions too. We can create checklists for submitters as well. This ensures all the necessary information is included with the assets before they're even sent for review. No more delays caused by missing files or details!

  • The Right Sign-Off, Every Time: No More Chasing Teams! Admation cleverly links submitter checklists to specific groups. This ensures the right checklist is completed before the right sign-off is granted. No more chasing down the wrong team for approval – a marketer's dream come true!

  • Simple or Supercharged: Checklists My Way! The best part? These checklists can be as simple or advanced as you need. We can customise them with dependent questions, dropdowns, and even rich formatting for a truly tailored review process.

  • Empowering Myself and My Team: Admation's submission checklists empower users by helping them ensure they've completed all necessary steps before hitting submit. This promotes accountability and smoothens the review process for everyone involved.

Benefits Beyond Sanity: A Marketing Dream Team

The real magic of Admation Checklists is how they streamline the entire approval process. With relevant stakeholders prompted to complete the designated checklist, everything is guaranteed to be ticked off before an approval request even lands in their inbox. No more approvals on incomplete projects, which means reviewers aren't wasting time on artwork that isn't ready for their eyes or they are not reviewing the same content with excessive revisions multiple times. 

The result? Fewer revisions, greater efficiency, and a whole lot less stress for everyone involved. But the benefits go way beyond saving sanity.

  • Marketing Compliance on Lock: Fewer errors mean a smoother, more compliant marketing process. We can all sleep soundly knowing our campaigns are hitting the mark without any regulatory hiccups.
  • Fewer Revisions, Happier Reviewers (and Me!): Remember those stressed-out reviewers I mentioned earlier? With Admation Checklists, they have a clear roadmap for providing feedback. This means more accurate feedback from the get-go, which translates to fewer revisions and rework for everyone. Plus, happy reviewers are more likely to offer thoughtful and constructive feedback, which ultimately leads to stronger campaigns. Win-win!

  • Goodbye, Confusing Feedback: Hello, Clarity!: Streamlined reviews with Admation Checklists mean there's less chance of mistakes slipping through the cracks. Clear communication throughout the process ensures everyone is on the same page, preventing misinterpretations and wasted time spent clarifying details. No more deciphering cryptic feedback emails – just clear, actionable insights to move the project forward.

  • Faster Turnarounds, Tighter Budgets? Yes, Please!: No more bottlenecks holding up projects due to missing information or incomplete approvals. Streamlined approvals with Admation Checklists keep things moving forward, allowing us to meet deadlines and stay within budget. This translates to a happier client (and a sigh of relief from yours truly).

  • More Time for Strategic Marketing, Less Time for Busywork: Imagine a world where you're not chasing down revisions caused by miscommunication. Admation Checklists eliminate these roadblocks, freeing up my team's time and energy to focus on what truly matters: developing strategic marketing initiatives that drive results. Instead of being stuck in the weeds, we can focus on the big picture and create impactful campaigns that move the needle for our business.

  • Better ROI: Working Smarter, Not Harder:  Streamlined processes with Admation Checklists mean a better return on our marketing investment. We're not just working harder, we're working smarter, which translates to a more efficient use of our resources. This allows us to deliver top-notch marketing results without breaking the bank.


Conclusion: Marketing Zen Achieved

Marketing is a whirlwind, but it doesn't have to be a constant battle. Admation Checklists have been a revelation for me. They've transformed our once-chaotic marketing approval process into a smooth, efficient flow. We can now confidently navigate complex projects, ensuring compliance and top-notch quality every step of the way.

If you're tired of marketing mayhem, I urge you to check out Admation Checklists. They might just be the key to achieving your own marketing zen.  Stop wrestling with approvals and inefficient processes and start focusing on what truly matters: creating impactful marketing that drives results. 


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