MRM: Optimise Resources

You’ve hired the best talent. Now maxmise their collective potential with precise task allocation, track department and skill capacity utilisation, and monitor productivity with calendars, schedules and time tracking. Get your creative assets into multiple channels with total control, swiftly and securely for an unbeatable competitive edge.

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Connect your Team. Stay Organised.

Enable your team to review, modify and finalise creative content in one shared space. Keep it efficient with minimal touchpoints, collated feedback and comments. Simplify reworks with review, mark-up, and proofing tools.

See More Clearly. Plan More Effectively.

Eliminate time-intensive spreadsheets to manage your resources. Know exactly what your resources are working on with project lists, Kanban boards and calendars. Know which skills are available to plan future projects.

Work smarter. Manage Capacity

Put the ease back into task management with customised resource templates. Create, schedule and allocate tasks to resources in a few easy steps. Free your team from manual, ad hoc tasks and shifting priorities. Use templated pathways to drive efficiency.

Better Data. Better Decisions

Estimate resource capacity more accurately. Ascertain what resources are needed for each project and plan accordingly. Calculate billable and non-billable hours more accurately with online timesheets. Drive ROI with optimal resource utilisation.

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Managing MRM

Oversee Resource Use Across Campaigns

• Department Dashboard: With so many projects in progress, this is an invaluable tool to know exactly who available, what they are working on, and how much of their task is completed. Prepare for upcoming projects by having the right skillset ready to deploy, or prepare for freelancers as needed.

• Get notifications: Set alerts to know when a skill or resource is near or at capacity, so you can act quickly to plan and augment it. Know exactly when resources will be on leave and allocate tasks accordingly. Be prepared with additional resources well in time, so there are no bottlenecks and project timelines can be met.

• Charting tools: Get a complete view of your resources with user-friendly graphs or Gantt charts. Get live, automated updates to departmental resource charts as individual tasks are added. Personalised, visual dashboards give you information at a glance, eliminating the need to trawl lengthy textual reports for insights.

• Data and reporting: Use the data and insights to make better strategic decisions regarding resources and how you use them. Generate reports and charts on any metric – workforce productivity, ROI across projects, underutilised resources and more. Maximise potential today and plan accurately for the future.

Simplify and Streamline Task Management

• Create Tasks: Create tasks using a templated process like a New Task form that provides all relevant information such as brief, deadline and approvals required. Use inherited form fields to avoid keying in the same information several times. Include attachments or provide other relevant links to the task for better deliverables.

• Assign tasks: Give rights and permissions to the right people to assign tasks. They can assign tasks easily by viewing availability in the resource’s calendar. Drag and drop to add a task to a resources calendar. If a resources becomes unexpected unavailable, re-assign easily by choosing alternative, similarly skilled resources from a dropdown.

• Capture Time Data: No resource management feature is complete without accounting for your department’s time. Resources can utilise an in-built task timer to accurately capture the time they spend on tasks. Department managers can then view logged time for each task to stay on top of its progress. As resources log their time, it is automatically recorded to a Timesheet so you don’t have to do the leg work.

• Scheduling: Good resource management is all about using the right skill for an optimal time. Get a clear view of each resources workday and already assigned tasks. Know the exact resource availability at your disposal across several projects. Schedule tasks with confidence and keep your project on track with easy visual tools.

Monitor Productivity to Drive Efficiencies

• Monitor Productivity: Know the average time a task takes to be completed, the resources which are most efficient and the best way to match resources to project cost and ROI with tools like Time Tracker. This minute detail allows precise resource planning.

• Task management: Give your resources with the tools they need to be more organised. Each team member can view an individual task list which outlines the work that’s allocated to them, from a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly view. An effective way for resources to stay on top of their workload.

• Manage Capacity: Planning for future projects becomes easier when you have data on the productivity of each resource. With in-depth information of resource use, plan for future projects confident that you have the skills need for the next set of creatives.

• Project metrics: View a snapshot of your resources. The Metrics feature displays the total available resource hours across all projects, whilst comparing these amounts across departments or specific individuals. A simple way to see how your resources are tracking at any time.

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