DAM: Effortlessly Manage Brand Assets

Store, organise, tag, retrieve, approve and distribute all brand assets from one single repository. Ensure only the latest, approved assets are used for campaigns. Maximise the value of your brand assets, while ensuring brand consistency and staying compliant.

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Single Source of Truth

All digital assets stored in the one central platform. No more having to trawl through the server, hard drives or email inboxes to locate current assets.

Simple & Secure File sharing

Securely share assets and content to internal and external stakeholders directly from your DAM. Do away with having to send a string of emails to send large files or use a file sharing platform.

Find Assets Easily

Simple’s AI-assisted tagging automatically assigns relevant keywords and metadata to assets enabling you to search and find assets with ease.

Be Compliant. Mitigate risk.

Control access of assets and permissions to different user groups. Use tools to set expiry dates on licenses and manage copyrights. Prevent violations and misuse of assets. Know you are compliant.

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Manage Brand Assets with Asset Manager

Organise and Find Assets with Ease

• Central repository: With the proliferation of channels, digital assets are growing exponentially. Store and manage this constantly growing volume of assets in one secure location, creating a single source of truth. This guarantees that only approved assets are used in your production cycle.

• AI-Assisted tagging: Efficient, accurate search capability is key to finding the right asset easily. That’s made possible with AI-assisted tagging, automatic metadata assignment, custom keywords, OCR to make text in images searchable. Save your teams hours spent in finding the right assets.

• Share large files: By putting all files on a single application, eliminate the need to use file sharing platforms, or transfer large media files by email and avoid the risk of confidentiality breaches. Don’t wait hours for large files to download. Allow internal stakeholders, external agencies and third parties access to the DAM to review or approve assets.

• Multiple file formats: A good DAM is a repository of not just images, but all forms of media – digital images, videos and audio. Video and audio assets can be stored, tagged, retrieved and distributed just like any other asset. These can be stored with all the accompanying collateral such as product information, disclosures and disclaimers.

Manage Approvals and Collaborate Better

• Collaborate easily: Online collaborative tools that enable editing, mark-up and proofing features allow teams to quickly modify approved assets to be repurposed for multiple channels. Reformat and tweak content easily using the transcoding feature so you can always stay on brand and consistent.

• Collate feedback: Feedback from reviewers, approvers and stakeholders is automatically collated in one place so revisions can be kept to the minimum. Drive efficiency by providing summary of feedback and changes, so any modifications of assets are delivered to brief, on target.

• Approval workflow: Compliance rules can differ between regions, media and products. Templated approval pathways ensures that every asset has the right sign-off. Approvers have the benefit of checklists, review tools and contextual information to make the right decision every time. Set deadlines so approval process does not become a bottleneck.

• Version control and Audit Trail: Version control ensures that the right version is being reviewed, finalised and approved. All changes are automatically saved to create an audit trail for reference and to ensure accountability. Have a record of which files where downloaded, by whom and when. Know that processes can be reviewed easily when needed.

Control Access and Drive Compliance

• Set usage rights: There’s no failsafe way to communicate usage rights to your creative team when images are saved to a server. Avoid copyright issues with a Usage Rights feature that allows you to set and highlight parameters around file usage restrictions and license expiry. Avoid the legal fallout of violating usage rights.

• Set permissions: Control access to approved assets to only authorised personnel by setting permissions. Restrict access to sensitive information, assets and approval documents to ensure that assets are handled for modification and distribution by the right team members. Set different tiers of permissions and access.

• Re-run or repurpose: With your final assets consolidated in a central location, re-run a campaign in a flash. Make a few quick changes and then send the ad for approval. Approved stakeholders also have access from anywhere in the world, which means that translating and localising creative content for different markets has never been easier.

• Distribution: Storing all your digital assets and files in one centralised location not only facilitates easy distribution of content with internal and external stakeholders but also helps you meet compliance requirements. With our DAM solution, you can distribute and share assets in a channel-specific format that ensures compliance while enhancing network efficiency. Our platform provides the necessary features to keep your digital assets secure, organised, and easily accessible, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

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