Got Bad Briefing Habits? Here's How Admation Helps You Brief Better

By Jodie Byass


The creative brief isn't just paperwork; it's the cornerstone of your marketing project. Yet, briefing often turns out to be a challenge even for seasoned professionals. A startling study points out that a whopping 30% of agencies' wasted time can be attributed to poor client briefing. That inefficiency translates into more than just lost time—it affects your project management, strains your internal resources, and slows down your go-to-market strategy. If you find yourself bogged down by ineffective briefing habits, it's high time to review how you manage your project briefs for a better creative workflow and enhanced marketing project management.

The Cost of Bad Briefing: By the Numbers

While the creative brief is universally acknowledged as a valuable tool, it's ironic that it often goes neglected. Both marketers and agencies concur that a well-crafted brief is indispensable for producing quality work, yet there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to executing it effectively. Here's a deeper look into the statistics that shed light on this paradox:

  • The Brief's Value and Neglect: An overwhelming 90% of marketers and 92% of agencies agree that the creative brief is one of the most valuable—yet paradoxically, most neglected—tools available to generate quality output.
  • Difficulty in Brief Writing: About 82% of marketers and 83% of agencies admit that writing an effective brief is a challenging task. This confirms that the struggle isn’t isolated to one side; it’s an industry-wide issue.
  • The Perception Gap: While a staggering 80% of marketers believe they excel at writing briefs, only 10% of creative agencies share this sentiment. This suggests a significant gap in perception and expectations between the two.
  • Understanding of Brief Requirements: On the flip side, 80% of creative agencies believe that marketers possess a poor or limited understanding of what is actually needed from a brief.
  • Brief Changes: Post-submission changes in briefs are quite common, with 90% of marketers admitting that their briefs undergo modifications after they have been submitted.
  • The Impact of Rebriefing: When it comes to rebriefing, marketers are generally aware of the negative impacts: 43% acknowledge time lost, and 18% recognize added costs.
  • Financial Ramifications: Astonishingly, it is estimated that nearly one-third of marketing budgets are wasted on poorly crafted briefs and misdirected work.

Given the substantial cost, both in terms of time and resources, bad briefing habits can no longer be an oversight. These statistics underscore the urgency for a streamlined, effective briefing process—something Admation’s Marketing Management and Approval software excels at. By adopting such a solution, you can bring much-needed alignment between marketers and creative agencies, effectively manage creative projects, and ultimately, improve your go-to-market strategy.



How to Improve the Briefing Process: A Structured Approach

In light of the statistics and challenges presented earlier, there's a palpable need for enhancing the briefing process. The good news is, there are actionable steps you can take to better your briefs and avoid pitfalls. Let's dive into some key areas that can bring immediate improvements:

Bring More Structure to the Briefing Process

More than 7 in 10 marketers believe that project briefings could be vastly improved with a more structured approach. Admation's marketing project management software allows for tailored online briefs that capture all necessary details—budgets, milestones, keywords, and more—right upfront. This ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and there are no grey areas, thereby reducing the room for misinterpretation and misdirection.


  • Improved alignment among stakeholders.
  • Reduced need for post-briefing clarifications, saving valuable time.

Ensure the Right Sign-offs Internally

One of the recurring issues is that often the right people are not signing off on the marketing briefs. The impact of this is more significant than it appears at first glance. It leads to unnecessary revisions and hampers the project's smooth progress. Admation's brief approvals feature allows you to nominate stakeholders who are critical for approval, ensuring that the brief receives the right internal vetting before any work begins.


  • Eliminates bottlenecks by ensuring the right approvals upfront.
  • Reduces the likelihood of future changes and rebriefing, cutting down on both time and costs.

Incorporating these best practices can bring a significant turnaround in how you manage creative projects. Admation's features are tailored to address these exact pain points, offering a comprehensive solution for your marketing approval and project management needs.


Managing Briefs Made Easy with Admation

Incorporating features specifically designed to make briefing as efficient and effective as possible, Admation transforms the briefing process. Here's a closer look at the six ways Admation enhances this critical activity:

1. Online Briefs: Customisable for Your Organisation and Project Types

Gone are the days of fragmented conversations and incomplete briefs via email. Admation's online briefing forms come tailored to both the organisation and various project types. These comprehensive forms capture all essential information like project overviews, budgets, milestones, keywords, tags, audience, regions and attachments. This structured approach minimises guesswork and time-consuming back-and-forths, setting the stage for a successful project.


  • Enhanced stakeholder communication and alignment.
  • Reduced project delays and guesswork.
  • Improved accuracy in understanding project requirements.

Photo Brief

2. Briefing Templates: Streamline Your Routine

Admation’s brief templates enable marketers to create reusable templates for recurring campaign types. This feature is a timesaver that ensures consistency and quality in every new project.


  • Increased efficiency in project initiation.
  • Consistent brief content and structure.
  • Simplified project setup for recurring campaign types.

Brief Templates


3. Centralise, Re-Use, and Duplicate Information: Your One-Stop Hub

Admation goes beyond serving as a centralised platform for all project-related files, including creative briefs. In addition to safeguarding your documents and enhancing accountability, the platform also lets you duplicate previously approved or submitted briefs. With just a few clicks, you can update these duplicates with new dates or target markets, saving you precious time and effort.


  • Streamlined access and duplication of past briefs.
  • Boosted stakeholder transparency and accountability.
  • Efficient collaboration and easy brief updates.

 Online Brief - Create Project

4. Auto-Generate Projects: Say Goodbye to Manual Re-Entries

Once a brief is approved, Admation automatically generates a new project based on the brief's details. This feature eliminates the need for manual re-entry of project information, thereby expediting the project initiation process.


  • Faster transition from brief approval to project commencement.
  • Elimination of human errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Time savings that can be reallocated to more strategic tasks.


5. Brief Approvals: Collaborate and Validate

Admation revolutionises the approval process. Nominated stakeholders can quickly review and provide input, ensuring alignment before the project begins. This eliminates the need for post-brief clarifications and excessive revisions.


  • Quick approval process reduces delays.
  • Improved collaboration and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Reduced need for artwork revisions.

Brief Approval


6. Accuracy and Control: Mandatory Fields for Full Compliance

Admation's mandatory fields in the brief forms ensure that no critical information is missed. This level of control ensures that every project starts on the right foot, fully aligned with your marketing strategy and compliance requirements.


  • Assurance of complete and accurate briefs, leading to more effective projects.
  • Improved marketing compliance by ensuring all mandatory information is captured.
  • Reduced risk of project delays due to incomplete or inaccurate briefs.

With these benefits outlined, it's clear that Admation provides a 360-degree solution for managing briefs, from project inception to completion. The platform's capabilities help you optimise each step of the process, leading to more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.



In a landscape where inefficient briefing can cause significant time and resource drain, Admation emerges as an indispensable solution for enhancing your marketing project management and creative workflow. Its comprehensive features tackle the core issues that plague the briefing process, bringing alignment and efficiency where it's most needed. From online briefs tailored to your organisational needs, to streamlined approval processes, to the ability to centralise and even duplicate prior briefs, Admation is your one-stop hub for eliminating bad briefing habits.

The financial and operational costs of poor briefing are too high to ignore. As the data reveals, this isn't just a challenge; it's an industry-wide predicament that needs urgent redress. With Admation, you're not just investing in software—you're investing in a strategy for more effective, efficient, and compliant marketing campaigns. Don't let poor briefing be the weak link in your marketing chain; let Admation redefine how you manage your creative projects and approvals.

To learn more about marketing project briefs, their pivotal role, the challenges they bring, and the solutions that technology offers,  watch our video where Margaret Foley, Simple's Chief Customer Officer and renowned subject matter presents Mastering Marketing Project Briefs: A Deep Dive into Effective Briefing. 


Source:  Data is sourced from Better Briefs Global report which can be accessed here