Admation agency management software offers integrated DAM features.

By Jodie Byass


Recently, we caught up with again Dave Ewers who is a technology consultant to the advertising and marketing industry specialising in digital workflow and digital asset management (DAM) software solutions.  

With over 30 years of industry experience, Dave has a wealth of knowledge on current market trends and leading software solutions.  Previously, as a guest blogger Dave has highlighted the importance of a DAM solution being integrated with other agency project mangement software.  

Today, Dave is reviewing admation and the benefits of its integrated DAM functionality.

Admation DAM review by Dave Ewers:

Admation's  Digital Asset Management is a fully integrated module that is as robust as that found in many standalone DAM software.  Final, approved assets are fed into the library as part of the lifecycle of a project. Those projects are opened, managed and maintained by Project Managers within admation. Assets are routed for approval as part of the workflow and once a project is complete, it is finalised. It?s at this point, metadata is automatically applied to project assets and they are ingested into the admation DAM library.

Let?s look at the benefits of this approach in more detail.

Some technical benefits of admation DAM integration:

  • A single system for all your marketing project management, resourcing and DAM system requirements
  • An end-to-end workflow system ? no need to login to multiple systems for different areas of the workflow
  • Easy to administer user accounts and permissions - one login per user
  • Your entire company workflow can be managed in admation making internal processes easier to follow and adhere to
  • No need to store valuable assets, documents and resources elsewhere ? admation can host them all 
  • Final assets can be shared with clients and 3rd parties directly and securely from admation thus eliminating the need for other less reliable methods of file delivery.

Some real-world benefits of admation DAM integration:

  • A single system for staff working across many departments and mulitple locations
  • The DAM grows automatically as your projects are completed
  • No cumbersome metadata entry required; adding assets to the library is simple and fast
  • Users learn to trust the centralised admation library as the files they need are easily available
  • Only one user interface to learn, regardless of user function
  • Prevents users from having to search for files across company file servers and desktop folders ? the files used in projects are stored with the completed projects inside admation

Admation keeps your projects and assets connected, easy to locate and repurpose or share, all within a system you already use every day.  If you think you team could benefit from an agency management software with integrated DAM, download our Admation at a Glance guide to learn more about key features. 


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