Asset Management

A central, secure location where you can save your most precious assets

Admation’s digital asset management tool enables you to store brand assets and final artwork. No more trawling the server to find multiple versions of the one file.

Admation saves final approved artwork to its ad storage so it can be quickly located without confusion. Your marketing assets such as logos and guidelines are securely stored in the asset library to avoid compliance issues.


Avoid compliance issues by having your most current brand assets close at hand. No more switching to a standalone digital asset management tool to store your assets.

Ad Storage

All your final ads are automatically stored in admation. Re-run a campaign without the panic of not knowing where to locate the right file.


Admation can be accessed online day or night. Perfect for remote teams or brands with offices in different states or countries.

Marketing Asset Management

Consolidate your most current brand assets to eliminate the risk of old versions being used. Share with approved stakeholders readily and easily. Convert image sizes and formats without having to bug your design team. Eliminate compliance issues that can be easily avoided.

Find assets with ease

Admation’s Marketing Asset Management feature puts the finishing touches on your projects, enabling you to store your brand assets in one secure location. Guarantees that only the correct assets are used in your production cycle. Locate files quickly and easily with an intuitive search function. Share assets with stakeholders in just a few clicks.

Set Usage Rights

There’s no failsafe way to communicate usage rights to your creative team when images are saved to a server. Avoid copyright issues with a Usage Rights feature that allows you to set and highlight parameters around file usage restrictions.

Audit Trail

As brand assets are used, admation saves a download history so that you have an automatic audit trail to refer to at a later date.

Benefits of marketing asset management

Maintain a consistent brand image

Control access to files

Streamline asset distribution

Keep your eyes on your marketing assets

Admation provides inbuilt digital asset management (DAM) so you don’t have to waste time searching for marketing assets on a server or switching to a standalone tool. Have complete version control over your assets by storing only the most current files in the system. Know exactly who is accessing your assets with a transparent download history.

Ad Storage

We understand your ads are valuable, so all final approved artwork is automatically saved in our secure ad storage. Easy access and complete version control. Share files to approved stakeholders at any time. Never lose sight of your ads again.

Complete Brand Archive

The ad storage feature provides the secure storage you need to archive your final ads. And the best part? You don’t have to do a thing. Admation automatically saves final approved ads to its Ad Storage offering the ultimate in version control. Locate ads in just seconds with a nimble search tool.

Re-run Ads

With your final assets consolidated in Ad Storage, re-run a campaign in a flash. Admation’s Re-run Feature enables you to make a few quick changes and then send the ad for approval. Approved stakeholders also have access from anywhere in the world, which means that translating and localising creative content for different markets has never been easier.

Production File Storage

Upload all of your master or production files for safe offsite storage. This also helps marketing departments become SOX compliant minus the hassle. With unlimited, secure final asset and production storage, you will never run out of server space again. Safely store all versions, from high-resolution to low-resolution formats.

Benefits of ad storage

Find & share brand assets

Maintain compliance

Keep your files secure

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At Hand and Accessible

Wherever you have access to the internet, you have access to Admation’s cloud-based software. Clients and external stakeholders can login at any time to approve work. Share assets with approved stakeholders in different time zones. All files and documents are always securely backed up.

Convert Files

No need to hassle your busy creative team. Admation’s Image Library has a built-in image transcoding functionality that allows you to automatically convert images to any size and format you require. Simply add the images to your cart and select your preferred file type and size from the drop down menu. Convert as many images as you like.

Add Access & Permission Levels

Limit the number of people handling your brand assets by setting Permission and Access Levels, so that only approved users have access.

Create Tags & Keywords

Add tags and keywords to images and projects so that your brand assets can be located in just a few easy steps.

Share Files

Distribute assets with ease using the admation cart, which provides a streamlined, trackable download link for all assets to be sent out of admation. Send your work to stakeholders in a few quick clicks, and keep tabs on when your stakeholders have viewed these assets, using our download history.

Benefits of at hand and accessible

Advanced search capabilities

Stored centrally and instantly available

Distribute content to external stakeholders

Trusted by organised people around the globe