Strengthening Marketing Compliance with Admation's Advanced Features

By Jodie Byass



In recent times, regulatory bodies and public scrutiny have intensified, highlighting the urgency for businesses to prioritize marketing compliance. Last July, ACCC Chair Rod Sims emphasized the prevalence of compliance breaches, urging stronger penalties as part of the solution. With new legislation in effect, potential fines for consumer breaches can now exceed $100 million for certain companies. Furthermore, the Australian financial services sector faced a significant upheaval due to the misconduct exposed during the Royal Commission. In light of these developments, maintaining marketing compliance has become a vital strategy for businesses. This article explores how Admation's advanced project management software, equipped with AI-powered features, can help organizations meet compliance standards and safeguard their brands.

The Growing Importance of Marketing Compliance

The ACCC's focus on stronger penalties reflects a growing concern regarding compliance breaches. Recent regulatory actions and investigations, such as the Royal Commission in the Australian financial services sector, have underscored the need for businesses to prioritize marketing compliance. In order to build and maintain consumer trust, marketers must ensure that all printed and digital content adheres to compliance standards. Employing effective tools for managing approval workflows is crucial. This is where Admation's project management software comes into play, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance marketing compliance.


Admation's Powerful Features for Airtight Marketing Compliance:

Admation provides a range of advanced features to streamline the approval process and bolster marketing compliance. These features include:

1. Online Briefing Forms:

Admation's customised and templated Online Briefing Forms enable seamless collaboration with stakeholders, including Legal and Compliance teams. By capturing legal parameters and compliance requirements at the initial briefing stage, businesses can ensure that all marketing campaigns align with compliance standards from the outset. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of compliance breaches and costly revisions later in the process.

Benefit: By clarifying legal perimeters upfront, businesses can avoid potential compliance pitfalls and streamline the approval workflow, ultimately safeguarding their brand and minimizing the likelihood of regulatory penalties.



2. Approval Checklists:

Admation's Approval Checklists empower marketers to create comprehensive lists of compliance-related questions and actions that must be addressed before project approval. These checklists serve as a systematic guide to ensure that all necessary compliance measures are met, reducing the chance of overlooking critical legal requirements.

Benefit: By systematically addressing compliance considerations through approval checklists, businesses can mitigate the risk of non-compliance and associated legal issues. This feature helps organizations maintain marketing campaigns that align with regulations, protecting their brand reputation and avoiding costly penalties.


3. Approval Templates:

With Admation, businesses can create custom approval templates tailored to their specific compliance needs. These templates ensure that the involvement of Legal and Compliance stakeholders is consistently included in the review process, preventing oversight and reducing the potential for compliance breaches.

Benefit: By employing customized approval templates, businesses can enforce a standardized compliance review process. This approach guarantees that all necessary compliance checks are conducted before project approval, minimizing the risk of regulatory non-compliance and associated legal consequences.


4. Tiered Approvals:

Admation's Tiered Approvals feature is particularly valuable for highly regulated industries such as financial services, where multiple layers of review and approval are necessary. This feature facilitates a structured and controlled workflow, ensuring that artwork is reviewed in the correct order and at the appropriate level of compliance oversight.

Benefit: By implementing tiered approvals, businesses can enhance their compliance management by ensuring that artwork undergoes thorough scrutiny at each level. This systematic approach strengthens compliance adherence, reduces the likelihood of errors or omissions, and ensures regulatory requirements are met before marketing materials are released.


5. Online Proofing:

Admation's Online Proofing tools provide stakeholders, including Legal and Compliance teams, with a user-friendly platform to review and annotate marketing content. Stakeholders can highlight areas requiring changes, make specific comments, and address compliance-related issues directly within the digital proof.

Benefit: The Online Proofing feature simplifies the review process for compliance stakeholders, enabling them to provide precise feedback and flag any compliance concerns in a structured manner. This real-time collaboration streamlines compliance review, reduces the potential for miscommunication, and helps maintain the integrity of compliance-related content.



6. Legal Reserve Button:

Admation's Legal Reserve Button allows representatives from the Legal or Compliance department to reserve a job for review. This feature prevents duplication of work and ensures that compliance-related tasks receive appropriate attention without being missed or delayed.

Benefit: By enabling the reservation of tasks, businesses can effectively manage compliance review within the approval workflow. This ensures that compliance-related jobs receive the necessary scrutiny, minimizing the risk of oversight and enhancing overall compliance management.


7. View Feedback Feature:

Admation's robust feedback feature allows stakeholders, especially Legal and Compliance teams, to easily access and review feedback provided during the approval process. This functionality ensures transparency and facilitates the monitoring of feedback related to compliance requirements and legal disclaimers.

Benefit: The ability to view and track feedback in one central location enhances compliance oversight and allows stakeholders to ensure that legal disclaimers and compliance-related instructions are not altered or disregarded. This feature strengthens compliance management and provides a comprehensive audit trail for regulatory purposes.


8. Automated Reminders:

Admation's automated reminder feature sends timely notifications to stakeholders, including Legal and Compliance teams, to review and approve marketing content. This feature helps ensure that compliance-related tasks are prioritized and completed within designated timeframes.

Benefit: By automating reminders, businesses can improve compliance adherence and prevent delays in the approval process. This timely notification system helps mitigate the risk of compliance breaches resulting from overlooked or delayed reviews, reinforcing regulatory compliance and minimizing potential penalties.


9. Batch Approvals:

Admation's Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature provides a secure repository for up-to-date branding assets and guidelines. By centralizing the storage of approved assets and ensuring version control, businesses can avoid the inadvertent use of outdated or non-compliant branding materials.

Benefit: The batch approvals feature safeguards compliance by ensuring that only the most current and approved branding assets are accessible for marketing campaigns. This prevents the unintentional inclusion of non-compliant or obsolete materials, thereby maintaining consistency and compliance across marketing communications.


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10. Automatic Audit Trail:

Admation automatically records and maintains an audit trail of marketing work, capturing all relevant project details, approvals, and changes. This comprehensive audit trail provides a historical record of compliance management and facilitates traceability.

Benefit: The automatic audit trail feature offers businesses a valuable tool for compliance monitoring and reporting. It enables organizations to demonstrate their adherence to compliance standards by providing a complete record of the approval process, enhancing transparency, and supporting compliance-related audits or investigations.

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