Online Briefs

The Online Brief feature enables marketers to select a custom digitised brief template to capture all of the right details for a creative project.

Online Briefs are loved by

Marketing & Operations

Ad & Digital Agency

Retail & E-Commerce

Benefits of admation’s Online Briefs

  • A fast and reliable way of capturing the exact details required to kickstart any marketing project
  • Customise your brief template with the right questions for your business – and customise the look and feel of your briefs with your logos, colours and language
  • Reduce unnecessary admin by automatically transferring your brief inputs across to your project’s details
  • Support your marketing project process with a customised PDF output of your brief for you to download, share or approve in admation with a few simple clicks

A Quick Overview of Online Briefs

Select from a range of Brief templates styled and customised just for your business.

Fill in the digital brief, detailing all the details of your project.

Use our optional deliverable manager to brief in the assets you’d like as part of your project, reducing duplicate data entry for the project’s lead down the track.

Briefs can be configured to automatically copy information such as project names, job numbers, budgets and key dates across into your project – saving manual data entry later!

A PDF output of your digital brief is provided along with the option to send it for approval by the necessary stakeholders.

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