Online Briefing and Briefing Templates

Are you tired of the tedious, time-consuming process of gathering project details for your creative projects? Admation's Online Briefing and Template feature is designed to simplify and supercharge your marketing project management.

Who Benefits from Online Briefs?

Marketing & Operations Teams

Simplify project initiation and capture essential details efficiently. Customize brief templates for precise information gathering. Reduce admin work with automatic data transfer and easily access PDF briefs for download, sharing, or approval.

Ad & Digital Agencies

Enhance collaboration with tailored brief templates. Streamline creative workflows and reduce data entry with digital briefs. Automate information transfer into project details and expedite approval processes with PDF brief outputs.

Compliance Teams

Optimize creative workflows and project approvals while ensuring regulatory compliance. Mandate specific details and streamline approval processes. Have confidence in regulatory documentation within the creative process for smooth marketing campaigns.

Key Advantages of Admation's Online Briefs

Efficient Data Capture

Say goodbye to manual data entry with Admation's Online Briefs. They provide a swift and dependable method to capture all necessary project information accurately, streamlining project initiation and saving you valuable time and effort.

Customization for Precision

Enjoy complete control and consistency in the information you capture. Customise your brief templates for various project types to ensure only relevant data is captured, reducing clutter and confusion.

Seamless Data Transfer

Bid farewell to redundant administrative tasks. Online Briefs automate the transfer of your inputs to your project's details, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth transition from concept to execution. This seamless data transfer enhances collaboration and keeps your team on the same page.

Online Review and Approval

Simplify the review and approval process with Admation. Review and approve your briefs online with just a few clicks. Our seamless platform facilitates efficient collaboration, ensuring your projects move forward smoothly.

Admation Briefing Feature Highlights

Tailored Online Briefs

Customisation for Your Organisation and Project Types: Admation's online briefing forms are adaptable to your organization's unique needs and various project categories. These comprehensive forms capture crucial project details, including overviews, budgets, milestones, keywords, tags, target audiences, regions, and attachments. The aim is to minimize guesswork and ensure successful project kick-off.

Efficient Briefing Templates

Streamline Your Routine: Admation's briefing templates simplify project initiation, particularly for recurring campaign types that require a consistent structure. They maintain quality and efficiency in every new project you initiate.

Centralised File Management

Centralise, Re-Use, and Duplicate: Admation serves as a centralized repository for all project-related files, including creative briefs. Moreover, the platform allows you to duplicate previously approved or submitted briefs, making it easy to update them with fresh information.

Enhanced Collaboration

Brief Approvals: Collaborate and Validate: Admation revolutionizes the approval process by involving relevant stakeholders in a comprehensive review. This ensures alignment with project objectives and reduces the need for last-minute revisions.

Automated Project Generation

Auto-Generate Projects: Say Goodbye to Manual Re-Entries: Admation seamlessly auto-generates new creative projects from approved briefs, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integrated approach expedites project initiation and maintains consistency throughout the project's lifecycle.

Full Control and Compliance

Accuracy and Control: Mandatory Fields for Full Compliance: Admation's mandatory fields guarantee that every project brief is complete and compliant with your organization's marketing strategies and compliance standards. They also create a verifiable audit trail for accountability.

Custom Development Options

Tailored Brief Templates: Admation's developers can expertly code custom brief templates tailored to your specific requirements. To set up these bespoke briefs, simply schedule a discovery session. Post-setup, you retain the flexibility to edit specific aspects of the brief and transfer or duplicate briefs across different projects and deliverables.

Draft Brief Preservation

Saving a Brief as a Draft: Preserve your work by saving a brief as a draft with a simple click. Access your draft briefs conveniently on the Admation dashboard.