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Tourism Australia

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Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia, both for leisure and business events dedicated to making Australia one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. The organisation is active in 15 key markets and activities include advertising, PR and media programs, trade shows and industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

With the tourism industry expanding each year, Tourism Australia’s marketing team is busy year-round ensuring that the right advertising and comm’s reach their target audience. When it comes to producing their illustrious campaigns, the organisation uses both an in-house studio team and external ad agencies.

The studio team’s primary focus is to rework print and digital content supplied by their agencies.

Before admation project management software

Previously, the inhouse studio team used Word documents to brief projects and email to manage stakeholder feedback and approvals. PDF mark ups were used to detail any changes on artwork. These tools and processes unfortunately led to a range of marketing challenges for the team:

• Inconsistent briefs
• Difficulty tracking stakeholder feedback
• Repeatedly having to follow up reviewer feedback
• High artwork revision counts
• Project delays
• Admation selected to streamline the studio team’s content production

Last year, the studio team went in search for a software solution that could best solve their marketing challenges. Admation was found to be the most effective software to manage their projects and stakeholder feedback. While most of the Tourism Australia team is based in Sydney, the organisation has teams working across the globe in South East Asia, the US, UK and Europe. Admation’s cloud-based system also provides remote access and transparency across Tourism Australia’s vast network.

Admation has been rolled out across Tourism Australia’s global teams and departments, and users can now take advantage of its range of top features: online briefs, document management, customised approval workflow, a collaborative feedback system, resource management, DAM and reporting tools.

With admation, the studio team intends to hit their project targets by:

• Briefing projects with greater accuracy
• Tracking stakeholder feedback with ease
• Enhanced transparency around feedback and approvals
• Better task and resource management for studio team members
• High-level project management across multiple departments
• Reduced revision counts and greater speed to market
• Customised reports, in particular a daily WIP report that highlights project status, deadlines as well as number of revisions

With the implementation of admation, Tourism Australia can continue to produce beautiful campaigns as they always have, except now with more control and efficiency.