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It’s a digitally accelerated market, with a proliferation of channels and brand assets. There’s also growing regulatory scrutiny. The Simple suite of project workflow solutions consolidates marketing operations giving companies the competitive edge while mitigating risk. Creative teams can use collaborative tools to create brilliant assets, managers can drive efficiencies and scale through templated processes and leaders can create winning strategies, confident that their products are compliant.

Banking & Finance

Protect brand value and reputation with an infallible approval process before campaigns hit the market. Ensure only approved content is released with the appropriate information, disclosures and disclaimers. Automate audit trails and version control. Build a culture of compliance from within.

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Health & Pharma

Retain customer confidence and loyalty with high standards of regulatory compliance. Ensure product collateral is updated, accurate and compliant with a multilevel approvals process. Make it efficient with checklists, contextual information and review tools so approvers can make the right decision every time.

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Marketing & Operations

Centralise all projects in one hub for total visibility and control. Align diverse process with simplified, templated workflow for collaboration and approvals. Get real-time data, reports and analytics for optimal resource management and strategic planning. Improve ROI by maximising the use of right assets with versatile digital asset management.

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Ad & Digital Agency

Juggle multiple clients, diverse campaigns, tight deadlines and creative resources with a single application. Track every project, provide clarity on deliverables, connect and collaboration, and create self-serve information. Monitor productivity and protect profit margins.

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Retail & E-Commerce

Create rich product information in one central repository and synch the information to promotions, events and marketplaces by simply updating the master data. Brief, create and approve retail marketing promotions swiftly with templates and mud maps and keep your inventory moving. Retail Path is a single integrated solution from vendor management to marketplace.

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