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Create, Approve and Distribute any Asset in a Simple Solution

Marketing operations are a complex mix of project planning and workflow, resource management, digital asset management, e-commerce content solutions and more. Whether you want to align and simplify, connect and collaborate, approve and distribute, or monitor and plan, Simple has the right solution for every category, configurable for your level of complexity and scale.

Marketing Approval Workflow

Approval overview and lists keep track of the project status. Batch approval, checklists, reminders and deadlines, keeps project on target. Online proofing and mark-up tools give clear feedback. Version control and audit trails ensure compliance. Reporting features provide valuable insights.

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Marketing Risk & Compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of marketing regulations and mitigate potential risks. Maintain compliance with industry standards and protect brand reputation with approval workflows, automated audit trails, checklists, approval checklists, online proofing and tiered approvals.

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Marketing Project Management

Manage campaigns from start to finish by aligning processes with templates and pre-defined pathways. Reap greater efficiency with online briefs, project calendars, review and approval workflows, task management, and reporting tools. Connect every stakeholder with collaborative tools on one platform. Personalised dashboard give you a complete visibility of every project.

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Marketing Resource Management

Maximise output with task management to assign jobs to the right skill, use resource template to organise teams for entire projects and time trackers to monitor productivity. Scheduling tools and project calendars spot delays early and keep projects on track. Plan resources for future projects so you never miss a step.

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Digital Asset Management

Centralise approved digital assets in a ‘single source of truth’. Store, tag, retrieve, reformat, approve and distribute digital assets into multiple marketing channels and locations. AI tagging , OCR aided search saves time finding the right asset. Automatic file conversion repurposes assets with ease. Rights and permission management controls access and use. Full audit trail keeps you informed on asset use.

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Retail Marketing

Create rich product information in one central repository and synch the information to promotions, events and marketplaces by simply updating the master data. Create retail marketing promotions swiftly with templates and mud maps and get your products to market faster. Retailpath is a single integrated solution from vendor management to marketplace.

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Product Information Management

Store production information such as copy, images, icons and videos. Add details such as click-n-collect and delivery timeframes. Integrate with your ERP such as SAP, Pronto, RMS and more. Publish content to your website and other marketplaces. Add Marketing Enriched Product Content to drive e-commerce.

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