Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings without clashes or inaccuracies using the admation meeting scheduler. The admation meeting scheduler takes into account all user tasks, existing meetings and away days already scheduled into the system, to provide meeting organisers with full clarity of a team’s availabilities for important meetings.

Scheduling Meetings is loved by

Marketing & Operations

Retail & E-Commerce

Ad & Digital Agency

Benefits of Scheduling Meetings in admation

  • Takes into account all user tasks, existing meetings and away days already loaded into the system, for a clear and holistic view of user availability
  • Keep team member availability in one centralised space for a single-source of truth
  • Forget the days of sending multiple emails in an attempt to sync up your calendars; have all of your availability logged and visible in the one spot!

A Quick Overview of Scheduling Meetings in admation

Meetings are interlinked with the admation Resource Manager, allowing you to view all existing scheduled employee activity and obligations when coordinating meetings. Existing responsibilities for all meeting attendees are greyed out of the calendar, allowing you to schedule meetings when you’re sure each person is available.

You can set attachments, time zones, and meeting repeat options as needed. Drag and drop your mouse to block the allocated time out on the resource calendar, and send email invitations with the click of a button once you’re ready to create your meeting.