Features & Benefits

Project & Resource Management

Admation’s Project and Resource Management module was created to enhance the process of managing projects and resources for a range of marketing projects.


  • Document Management All briefs, estimates, schedules and files saved in one central location.
  • Projects In Progress Provides a full list of projects on the go in one screen.
  • Project Set up Create a new project and all files, timelines, tasks and communications will be saved in one folder location.
  • Online Briefs Create comprehensive briefs and route them through a quick approval process to confirm details.
  • Briefing Templates Customisable brief templates to suit every different project.
  • Project Resource Templates Customisable resource templates to click and go.
  • Marketing Calendar View all projects in progress via a weekly or monthly calendar view which automatically updates to reflect new projects.
  • Project Timelines Realtime access to project timelines.
  • Project Teams Approve internal and external access to files and communications.
  • Project On Hold Place a project on hold at any time.
  • In view Customisable phases for marketing projects such as ‘Briefing’, ‘Creative’, ‘Production’ and ‘Completed’.
  • Key Dates Set date ranges and milestones for projects.
  • Metrics View a metric snapshot of resources such as the total available resource hours across all projects as well as for each department.
  • Audit Trail Automatic audit trail of marketing work.
  • Department Dashboard Realtime summary of a department’s workload. As new tasks are assigned, the workload meter automatically updates.
  • Capacity Planning Resources can set working hours and leave, and admation automatically calculates the Department’s Capacity.
  • Resource Allocation Allocate a resource to a task in a few clicks.
  • Task Timer Accurately captures the time spent on tasks.
  • Online Timesheets Tracked time is automatically recorded to an online timesheet.


  • Central, secure document storage
  • Enhanced briefing process
  • Plan and track projects and resources with more visibility
  • Avoid overburdened resources
  • Eliminate repetitive administration
  • Estimate future resources and budgets more accurately
  • Meet deadlines and budgets
  • Improve quality of marketing output
  • Fast track campaigns
  • 24/7 remote access