Resource Management

Maximise your resources and output when juggling multiple projects at once

Admation’s resource scheduling tool takes the pressure off by enabling managers to assign and re-assign tasks in just a few easy steps.

Utilise your resources to their full capacity with a real-time department dashboard that aligns with your team’s work-day to plan and maximise capacity effectively. Resources can also view their weekly, fortnightly and monthly workload so they can better plan their time.

Task Management

Alleviate the frustration of not knowing who’s doing what task and when. Admation makes it easier than ever to schedule and track project tasks.

Managing Resources

Eliminate the need for messy spreadsheets to manage your resources. Now you can see exactly what your resources are working on at any time.

Tracking Time

Measure performance and account for your team’s work with time tracking tools. Plan future resources with more accuracy.

Task Management

Admation puts the ease back into task management with these easy-to-use tools. Customised resource templates can be ready to go when you are. Allocate tasks to resources in a few easy steps. View a realtime status update so you know how your resources are performing.

Create Tasks

Work smarter with this collaborative feature that enables any department to brief a task quickly and easily. Simply complete the New Task form to capture pertinent information. Then upload attachments or link existing Project Documents to the task brief.

Assigning Tasks

Feel empowered with a tool that provides more control and visibility over your resources. Only approved roles can assign tasks in admation. Have full visibility over a resource’s workload before allocating work, then just a few clicks to allocate a task. Deliver on your projects faster and more effectively.

Re-assigning Tasks

Avoid the stress of juggling your resources when someone calls in sick with a dedicated Re-assign Tasks feature. Simply click on the resource’s tasks and other team members’ availability will display. Drag and drop the task onto the timeline of the replacement resource. The system will automatically notify them about any new allocated tasks.


Admation’s Scheduling feature is all about optimising your time. Get a clear view of resource capacity while admation compiles a clear view of each employee’s workday. Easily schedule tasks by dropping work into a clear space on a team member’s workday.

Benefits of task management

Stay on top of task progress

Effectively manage team capacity

Enhance team communication

Inspire your talent with the right project management tools

Admation has an integrated resource management module so that you can manage all facets of your projects in just one platform. Simplify the time-intensive job of allocating tasks and resources. Boost productivity with resource management tools that get the best out of your resources without burning them out. Now everybody can get back to the creative work that matters.

Managing Resources

Admation is all the all-seeing eye over your resources, giving you a clear line of vision for planning and scheduling work. Set your team’s working hours, then allocate tasks against their workload capacity with full visibility. Admation’s resource management also enables approved stakeholders to log in to ascertain your team’s workload to plan future work.

Department Dashboard & Calendar

Select the most effective way to understand your department’s workload. Admation gives you the option of viewing a realtime summary via a Graph, Percent or Hours gantt chart. As tasks are assigned, a resource’s workload meter is automatically updated. Admation also sends an alert when a department/resource is nearing or over its capacity. Under each resource, you can also view how much time they’ve logged for individual tasks.

Manage Capacity

Maximise your resources by planning with greater accuracy. Resources can set their working hours and leave, and admation will automatically calculate your Department’s Capacity for any given time period. View your monthly resource capacity online.

Project Metrics

View a snapshot of your resources. The Metrics feature displays the total available resource hours across all projects, whilst comparing these amounts across departments or specific individuals. A simple way to see how your resources are tracking at any time.

Set Out of Office and Request Leave

Out of the office for the afternoon? Set an Out of Office status in admation and nominate a proxy user to manage approvals on your behalf.

Managing Leave Requests

Heading on leave? Submit a leave and proxy user request to your manager with admation’s Leave Management feature. Your Department Manager can also manage this on your behalf.

Benefits of managing resources

More data for effective planning

Better utilisation of resources

Estimate future resources more accurately

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Tracking Time

Get back on track with admation’s time tracking and management tools. Accurately capture the time that resources spend on tasks. This feature also enables your team members to organise their week with more assurance with an individual task view.

Manage your Tasks

Admation provides your resources with the tools they need to be more organised. Each team member can view an individual task list which outlines the work that’s allocated to them, from a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly view. An effective way for resources to stay on top of their workload.

Track Task Progress

No resource management feature is complete without accounting for your department’s time. Resources can utilise an in-built task timer to accurately capture the time they spend on tasks. Department managers can then view logged time for each task to stay on top of its progress.


As resources log their time in admation, it is automatically recorded to a Timesheet so you don’t have to do the leg work.

Benefits of tracking time

Greater transparency across departments

Greater accountability for work

Improve effectiveness through learnings

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