Project Management

Imagine one system that brings all of the elements together

Admation’s project management software combines a range of features that let you to see the bigger picture and everything in between. Get an instant overview of all tasks in progress. Plan and schedule tasks in real time to bolster your team’s productivity. Eliminate repetitive administration which is costing you time and money. Collaborate more effectively.


Transform those brilliant ideas into brilliant campaigns with online briefing tools that provide every detail of the story.


Put order back into your day with tools that enable you to plan your projects with absolute precision and simplicity.


Everything you need in one place to manage your projects and approvals without the usual hassle and sleepless nights.

Project Briefing

Create a new project in a few easy steps. Customised templates capture all the right details for your marketing campaigns, or send a brief through a quick approval process to avoid compliance issues. Less chasing means more brain power for the creative work.

Project Setup

When you create a new project all correlating files, timelines, tasks and communications will be saved in one folder. Manage your projects with the assurance that all work is consolidated for simple file sharing and greater collaboration.

Online Briefs

Admation’s online briefs guarantee that your creative team gets the right information upfront. Custom mandatory fields capture the details that often get overlooked. Duplicate briefs to other projects or deliverables to reduce double handling. Custom briefing templates ensure that information collected is relevant for different project types and clients.

Brief Approvals

Improve marketing compliance and reduce artwork revisions by routing your briefs through a quick approval process. Stakeholders can review the information and update any details to ensure the final version is relevant, nails your requirements and meets compliance guidelines.

Benefits of project briefing

Set clear goals and objectives

Keep project briefs consistent

Easy and timely brief approvals

Highly-productive teams use only the best project management tools

Admation enables brands and ad agencies to do their best creative work without the usual bottlenecks and delays. Understand the full scope of your projects with one comprehensive system. Attain high level insights with best practice approval workflow and powerful reporting tools. Let your teams thrive by giving them the work they love, not the work that wears them down.

Project Planning​

We understand your ads are valuable, so all final approved artwork is automatically saved in our secure ad storage. Easy access and complete version control. Share files to approved stakeholders at any time. Never lose sight of your ads again.

Marketing Calendar

Plan your campaigns with an inbuilt Marketing Calendar. View all projects in progress via a weekly or monthly calendar display. As new projects are created, your live marketing calendar is automatically updated to reflect this. For unprecedented ease, set up alerts to prompt you of key project dates and deadlines.

Project timelines

Admation’s intuitive project management software updates your timelines whenever milestones are logged or updated in the system. Set up custom milestones to support your existing workflow, and give the right stakeholders full visibility over tasks and deadlines so they can stay up to datewith a project’s progress.

Roles & permissions

Manage which users can perform certain functions in admation by setting up Roles and Permissions. For example, only Admins and Project Managers can view all project details while standard users can only access projects they’re assigned to.

Benefits of project planning

Set clear project requirements

One location for project documents

Full visibility over resource capacity

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Managing Projects

Consolidate your project work in one shared platform and enhance team collaboration. For ultimate transparency, view a full list of work in progress and realtime status updates on one screen. Let admation’s reporting tools and automatic audit trail do the leg work for you.

Document Management

Enough trawling through emails to locate the right brief document. Change up your project management by having all your briefs, estimates, schedules, scripts and documents stored in one central location. With full version control, there can be no confusion about the final, approved document.

Projects in progress

Admation’s In Progress feature provides you with clear visibility over your projects. View a full list of projects in progress on one screen instead of having to search different locations on the server for an update. Ascertain the status of each project and what tasks are outstanding all on the same screen.


Generate customised reports that breakdown each project into deliverables per department with itemised revision counts.

Audit trail

Admation creates an automatic audit trail of work so that you can track how your teams produce artwork. Great for marketing compliance.

Benefits of managing projects

Clear document and artwork revision tracking

Meet your key project milestones

Stay organised and compliant

Trusted by organised people around the globe