Approval Workflow

Gain more control over your approval workflow to create beautiful marketing campaigns

Admation’s approval workflow software provides a range of tools that enable you to streamline your marketing workflow. Set approval pathways to suit your unique processes to ensure that artwork gets to the right people at the right time. Track your projects and approvals with a user-friendly interface that allows you to view realtime data. You can also create automated reminders so that you don’t have to waste precious time following up on feedback and approvals.


Intuitive approval workflow tools that let you get the job done instead of chasing people for feedback and approvals.


Take your proofing online to avoid the confusion of email approvals. Collaborate in one shared space for efficiency and ease.


Minimise errors and maximise your time with tools that allow you to collate feedback with clarity and speed. Revising artwork has never been easier.

Approval Process

Speed up your approvals with admation’s best practice approval workflow. Eliminate compliance risks with customised approval pathways. Create complex, multi-levelled approvals or push those urgent jobs through with our quick approval feature. Achieve more visibility with an Approvals Dashboard which gives you an instant update on all your project approvals.

Approvals Dashboard

An Approvals Dashboard provides full visibility over your approvals with a simple, user-friendly interface. Locate project work in just seconds. View a summary of all work in progress. Project status icons enable you to identify the progress of approvals instantly.

Approval Levels

For complex approval structures, you can set multi-levelled approvals. Select sequenced approval pathways and admation will automatically send artwork on to the next group, otherwise you can select groups to review and approve artwork at the same time. Fixed approval pathways guarantee that no stakeholder is missed in the approval process, avoiding any messy compliance issues.

Batched Approvals

To expedite the approval process, reviewers can approve a batch of deliverables at the same time. Link comments across several similar files to minimise double handling, or forward select items to additional stakeholders for review in just a couple of clicks.

Approval Path Templates

Streamline your marketing workflow with Approval Path templates. Simply select a templated approval workflow and load your approvers against your work in just a few clicks. Forget labourintensive repetition, whilst ensuring that all required stakeholders are included on the workflow.

Proxy User

Assign a proxy user to manage your approvals while you are away. A nominated proxy user can switch to your profile to approve work, request changes or provide feedback. Each time a proxy acts on your behalf, admation notifies you via email and updates the project, providing a full audit trail.

Benefits of approval process

Streamline processes and workflow

Greater transparency across teams

Improve marketing compliance

Innovative marketing approval

When it comes to creative design and marketing projects, there are many factors that can slow down your approval workflow process. With admation’s software, you can enjoy streamlined management every step of the way. Keep better track of the process and collaborate with ease.

Online Proofing

Simplify your review process with admation’s online proofing tools, which enable reviewers to mark up any file and add text comments for complete clarity. Avoid conflicting feedback going to your creative team with a transparent feedback system that allows reviewers to view each other’s changes. Compare revisions on one screen for more clarity and ease.


Send your approvals to a range of stakeholders and watch as the feedback gathers in one, central location. Stakeholders can see all reviewers’ feedback, and can tag other users in comments to kickstart conversations. Manage inconsistent feedback at the review stage to avoid additional changes and high revision counts down the track.

Markup Changes

Markup any file online such as print, web, video and HTML files. Annotate changes directly onto a PDF, mark up web pages for a visual record of work. Annotate video and HTML files by capturing a still frame, then marking up your changes.

Markup Tool

Admation’s online proofing feature provides you with all the tools to review, comment and markup your media files. Adjust the size or position of an existing annotation with the Hand tool. Use the Shapes tool to draw boxes, circles and lines on artwork to highlight a change. Use your imagination with the Freehand Drawing tool to draw objects, connect items or write text.

Approval Checklists

Approval Checklists allow you to create a list of actions or questions for stakeholders to complete prior to providing feedback or approval on artwork. Reduce the chance of revisions further down the track!

Benefits of online proofing​

Manage feedback more effectively

Greater transparency across teams

Reduce reliance on email and spreadsheets

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Managing Revisions

Achieve better transparency and clarity across your work revisions than ever before. Stakeholders can compare and review artwork versions side by side to eliminate errors and fast track approvals. Generate a revision count report to review your team’s performance.

Collate feedback

Tired of the relentless merry-go-round of corrections? At the click of a button, you can collate feedback provided by stakeholders. Select the comments and changes you want to include in the change summary report. Briefing your creative team with a comprehensive summary of changes achieves greater efficiency and fewer artwork revisions.

Compare Revisions

Review artwork versions side-by-side on a single screen with all comments and markups visible. A Zoom & Pan in Sync tool enables you to zoom in on two revisions at once to check finer details such as terms and conditions. You can also pin a markup so that it will stay visible onscreen. With this tool, the revision process has never been easier.

Revision report

Automate a daily revision report to view a complete listing of revisions submitted for approval as well as a revision count.

Marketing Compliance

Admation’s failsafe approval pathways and online proofing tools give you the confidence that you’re meeting all your legal requirements.

Clear visibility

The software’s user-friendly interface and collaborative features provide unprecedented visibility over feedback and approvals.

Benefits of managing revisions

Fewer artwork revisions

Be audit-ready

Deliver projects on time

Trusted by organised people around the globe