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Transform your marketing operations with Simple’s powerful suite of applications. Consolidate and control a diverse project pipeline with automated workflow applications, approval processes and digital asset management. Streamline and give your teams the freedom to do what they do best.

Accelerate the project lifecycle from start to finish with Admation, the Simple solution that breaks down marketing project workflow for consistent brief building, collaborative asset creation, stringent approval management and easy digital asset management. Use Admation to plan and manage tasks and resources and drive efficiencies across your team.

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Extract the most out of creative brand assets by managing them with the Simple Asset Manager to store, tag and retrieve assets. Reformat and repurpose on-the-fly for local use, and ensure only approved, on-brand assets hit the market. Use data intelligence to push what’s working and tweak what’s not.

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Good ecommerce starts with comprehensive product information. Enrich your retail offering with in-depth product data, attributes, descriptions, specifications and more with Retail Path, our powerful and comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) application. Push promotions from a central repository and integrate with multiple e-ecommerce platforms.

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