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Great Southern Bank's Success Story with Admation

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Introduction to the Client

Great Southern Bank, a prominent financial institution in Australia, has been dedicated to providing financial, health, and insurance solutions to a vast customer base exceeding 500,000 individuals. With a strong presence across the country, boasting more than 50 branches, Great Southern Bank is on a mission to enhance the lives of its customers by delivering value-driven banking services.


As the spotlight on marketing compliance grew brighter, Great Southern Bank recognised the critical importance of aligning with industry governance and compliance standards. In their quest for a comprehensive marketing solution, they sought a partner that could help them navigate this complex landscape while optimising their marketing projects.

Discovering Admation

After conducting thorough research and evaluation, Great Southern Bank made a strategic decision to partner with Admation as their preferred marketing software solution. The choice was driven by Admation's unique ability to bridge the gap between the agency and brand aspects of the marketing process. This alignment instilled confidence in Great Southern Bank that Admation could address their specific pain points:

•Detailed Project Briefs: Great Southern Bank faced challenges with project briefs lacking essential details to kickstart their marketing initiatives.
•Project Visibility: They needed a solution that would provide clear visibility into both current and future projects, enabling effective management of their marketing schedule.
•Workflow Management: Managing the workflow traffic of multiple marketing projects was a concern that required a streamlined approach.
•Resource Workload: Visibility into resource workload across multiple departments was essential for efficient capacity management.

The Admation Partnership

Great Southern Bank's primary objective was to find a creative management software capable of centralising all aspects of their marketing projects and workflow, including online proofing, project review, and approval. With Admation as their trusted partner, Great Southern Bank achieved several key milestones:

•High-Quality Project Briefs: Admation empowered them to create comprehensive project briefs, ensuring each project started on the right foot.
•Industry Compliance: Admation provided the necessary tools for ensuring legal compliance by granting visibility into all projects and creating a robust audit trail for approvals.
•Resource Workload Insights: The software enabled Great Southern Bank to gain valuable insights into resource workloads, facilitating effective department capacity management.
•Workflow Control: Admation's workflow management capabilities allowed Great Southern Bank to efficiently manage and control the flow of marketing projects.
•Centralised Project Visibility: Through Admation's central marketing calendar, they gained complete visibility into all current and future projects, enhancing their overall project management.

Realising the Benefits

Great Southern Bank has reaped numerous rewards since adopting Admation as their streamlined platform of choice. This comprehensive solution has become an integral part of their operations, benefiting stakeholders across marketing, legal, internal teams, and external ad agencies. Admation's capabilities, including approvals management, workflow control, and brand asset sharing, have significantly contributed to Great Southern Bank's success.

In conclusion, the partnership between Great Southern Bank and Admation has not only enabled them to meet their marketing compliance goals but has also optimised their project management and workflow processes. With Admation's user-friendly platform, Great Southern Bank continues to enrich the lives of their customers through efficient and effective marketing practices.

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