On Hold

Managing marketing projects can be a complex undertaking without the right tools. And sometimes business requirements may require you to pop a project on hold. Our On Hold Feature is another way admation is helping marketing teams to manage their projects with ease. If an active project is postponed, you can click on the On Hold button and the project will no longer appear in your active Projects list, unless you nominate otherwise. The feature is designed to pause all activity within a project. While a project is On Hold, you can still perform basic tasks such as downloading artwork / files and adding WIP notes. You can also delete the project or take it Off Hold at any time.

On Hold feature is loved by

Marketing & Operations

Retail & E-Commerce

Ad & Digital Agency

Benefits of admation’s On Hold feature

  • Less clutter in your active Projects list
  • Keep your On Hold projects in admation so you don’t lose sight of your stalled projects
  • Create instant notifications for users when a project is put On Hold to ensure they halt work on the project
  • Add files and WIP notes to the project even when it’s On Hold
  • Saves you from deleting projects that have been postponed for extended lengths of time, if you don’t need to
  • Enhanced transparency for each of your projects

A Quick Overview of the On Hold feature

Head to an active project’s settings to Put on Hold.

Create instant notifications to communicate any changes or updates to the team members collaborating on this project, or resume work on the project when you’re ready to do so.