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Mondelēz International

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Mondelēz International is one of the world’s largest snack companies managing more than 30 brands in its portfolio. Some of these iconic brands include Cadbury, Oreo, Toblerone, Ritz and Philadelphia. Mondelēz International has always prided itself on providing high quality snacks and is now leading the charge on sustainable ingredients and packaging.

Mondelēz International selects admation to service its global marketing approvals

Operating across 150 countries, Mondelēz International required an approval workflow solution to streamline LEGAL approvals for the production of packaging, POS material, digital content and television advertising. The system needed to provide high level visibility over approvals, improve accuracy and be highly agile to fit with each region’s specific marketing workflows.

In 2016, automaton successfully responded to Mondelēz International’s software tender. As a result, admation was selected to replace two legacy systems in North and South America, and was also implemented across marketing departments in AMEA, Europe and APAC.

Post-implementation of admation

Admation has enabled each regional marketing department to create unique approval workflows to suit their requirements. Head Office has administrator rights to view all work across every department. Admation now services over 1,200 users throughout all regions with an average of 200+ approvals per week across all media globally.

Admation features that have streamlined Mondelēz International’s marketing approvals

• Approval Checklists: a list of items that need to be checked off by marketing before content/collateral is approved.
• Customised Approval Pathways: route approvals via a unique and dedicated framework.
• Online Proofing: provides reviewers with tools to mark up any files for greater clarity and accuracy.
• Audit Trail of Approvals: each marketing department can archive and access records for four years meeting their compliance requirements.
• Ad Storage Library: store final, approved assets.
• Customised WIP Reports: generate a daily/weekly/monthly report.

The benefits of implementing admation have been manifold for Mondelēz International

Regional Legal teams now have more control and visibility over approvals with failsafe checklists to ensure that all the correct information goes to market. Artwork revisions have been greatly reduced across the board which has proved cost-effective and improved efficiencies throughout the marketing approval workflow. The Ad Storage has provided a secure location for marketers to store final assets which can be shared quickly and easily across departments and regions. The Ad Storage also provides a download history which so that assets can be tracked and monitored. The brand also has improved its marketing compliance with streamlined approvals and an automatic audit trail of work.

Mondelēz International recently extended its initial 3 year agreement with admation. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the brand.

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