Full Screen Approval for Batched Deliverables

With brands and ad agencies producing content for so many different channels, staying on top of your approvals doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With this admation feature, reduce the number of clicks to get your work approved, by taking advantage of batch comments and approvals for multiple files. It’s such a simple way to fast track your approvals without adding to your workload! You may like to use batch approvals in digital advertising when you have a number of banner ads, with similar imagery but varying specs that could be reviewed at once; in print marketing when producing a multi-page catalogue; and in local marketing when producing similar point-of-sale or print assets across with a different name and/or image on each.

Full Screen Approval View is loved by

Retail & E-Commerce

Ad & Digital Agency

Marketing & Operations

Benefits of admation’s Full Screen Approval View

  • View all items in a batch to fast track the review process
  • Get an instant status update for all items in the batch
  • Forward multiple items to additional stakeholders for review in just a few clicks
  • Quickly select, comment on and approve multiple items in the batch
  • Zoom in on one item for a close up view then return to the batched items

A Quick Overview of Full Screen Approval

Four items have been submitted in a batch for review.

By default, you’ll be taken to a full-screen approval view for the first item. Apply your comments across multiple items from this view with a click of a button.

Or head to the Batch view, where you can quickly ascertain the approval status and version number of each item. It’s perfect for knowing, at a glance, where your approvals are at!

Click on the thumbnail in Batch view to zoom in on a deliverable.

Use the checkbox in the top left hand corner to bulk Approve, Request Changes or Forward the works.