WIP Notes and WIP Reporting

Explore the practical capabilities of Admation's Work in Progress (WIP) Notes and WIP Report feature, designed to enhance project management efficiency for your marketing projects.

WIP Notes Functionality

Adding WIP Notes
• Seamlessly integrate short, post-like WIP Notes into your ongoing projects for quick status updates.
• No automatic notifications for new WIP Notes; primarily useful for generating WIP Reports and initiating concise project discussions.

Editing and Deleting
Maintain flexibility in project updates with simple editing or deletion of existing WIP Notes.

WIP Report Features

Customisation of WIP Note Types
Tailor WIP Note types to align with your business structure and project requirements for a personalised reporting experience.

User Interface
Navigate through projects, phases, and statuses with a clean and intuitive WIP Report interface.

WIP Status Field
• Mark jobs with statuses such as On Track, Watch, Running Late, or Off The Rails for quick issue identification.
• Each status is represented by distinct colours, facilitating efficient issue resolution.

Real-Time Collaboration
• Enhance team collaboration by adding WIP Notes directly through the WIP Report interface.
• Facilitate quick updates during client meetings or internal reviews for transparent communication.

On-Demand Reporting
• Generate reports at your convenience, selecting specific projects.
• Choose between PDF or Excel formats for flexible data sharing and presentation.


Real-Time Visibility

Stay informed with instant project updates, ensuring a shared understanding among team members.

Communication Efficiency

Foster open communication channels without relying on descriptive language, improving overall project comprehension.

Operational Streamlining

Identify bottlenecks promptly, allowing for proactive issue resolution and efficient project management.

Customisation for Specific Needs

Tailor WIP Note types and reports to match your unique business structure and project management requirements.

On-Demand Reporting Convenience

Generate reports as needed, choosing specific projects and formats for straightforward data sharing.

Admation’s WIP Notes and WIP Report feature provides a practical, no-frills approach to project tracking and reporting, allowing your team to focus on the tasks that matter.