Finalise a Deliverable

Ensure that your files are adequately stored post-approval with our finalise a deliverable feature. By finalising deliverables, you can ensure that your approved files are accessible by the right people at the right time. With a range of features to grant or restrict access to files, you can rest assured that your work is managed properly.

Finalising Deliverables are loved by

Marketing & Operations

Ad & Digital Agency

Health & Pharma

Benefits of Finalising a Deliverable

  • No more lost marketing assets! Rest assured that all finalised marketing assets are automatically saved in admation’s integrated DAM feature so they can be easily located at anytime
  • Have complete control over your marketing assets by nominating only approved stakeholders who can access your files
  • Set additional confidentiality restrictions to further grant or limit access to your files
  • Set asset usage date restrictions to ensure that files are only accessed and used when they’re meant to be used
  • Know for certain that your marketing assets saved in admation’s integrated DAM feature are the final versions
  • Locate your final assets in just seconds to re-run a campaign instead of having to search for final assets in emails or on a server
  • Less marketing administration, greater ease of mind, and more time to be creative

A Quick Overview of Finalising a Deliverable

Approved deliverables can be finalised in admation with the click of a button.

Finalise deliverables one-by-one, or in bulk, allowing for quick, easy and effective management of your final files.

Set usage restrictions and confidentiality limits for your files in seconds.

Finalise your deliverables to send them into your Ad Storage, a collection of all finished works.