Batch Review and Approval

Uncover the capabilities of Admation's Batch Review and Approval feature – designed specifically for needs of today's creative environment. By streamlining the review and approval process, seamlessly incorporating online proofing tools, and eliminating duplication of tasks, this tool adds an extra layer of efficiency to your team's workflow.

Understanding Batch Review and Approval

Forwarding Items as a Batch
When work is sent to you as a batch, Admation simplifies the process by presenting it on your dashboard as a line of thumbnails. Utilizing the forwarding capability, seamlessly toggle to the batch view, review files collectively, make batch comments, and forward with ease. Even if items come from different projects, Admation ensures a cohesive workflow for efficient collaboration.

Batch Approvals
The Batch Approvals feature is a game-changer for teams dealing with repurposed content. Assets, content, and documents often undergo minor changes for reuse. Batch Approvals empower you to compare versions and approve entire batches of content, saving time, avoiding repetitive tasks, and ensuring swift market delivery with the right approvals in place.

Online Proofing Tools for Multiple Assets

In the era of diverse creative assets, Admation integrates online proofing tools seamlessly into the Batch Review and Approval process. Creative teams can leverage these tools to review and annotate multiple assets concurrently, ensuring a streamlined and collaborative approach to the approval process.

Multiple Sizes, One Approval

A leading retailer, faced the challenge of adapting their marketing assets for various channels, including social media, email marketing, and print advertisements. With Admation's Batch Review and Approval feature, they streamlined their approval workflow by consolidating all asset variations into one batch. This allowed their marketing team to review and approve multiple sizes and formats simultaneously, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials. As a result, they significantly reduced approval times, and improved brand consistency across channels.

Varied Formats for Digital Marketplaces

An Online Retail, an e-commerce platform, needed to optimize their product listings for different digital marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and their own website. Using Admation's online proofing tools, their marketing team could easily review and approve assets in various formats, including images, descriptions, and specifications. By leveraging Admation's Batch Review and Approval feature, they streamlined the approval process, ensuring compliance with each marketplace's requirements and reducing errors in product listings, improving customer satisfaction due to accurate and consistent product information.

Streamlining Campaign Reviews

A full-service marketing agency, was tasked with launching an integrated marketing campaign for a client in the hospitality industry. The campaign included static designs, videos, and social media assets that needed to be reviewed and approved by multiple stakeholders. With Admation's Batch Review feature, LMN Agency created a cohesive review process, allowing all stakeholders to collaborate and provide feedback on all campaign elements simultaneously. This streamlined approach reduced few change requests and a reduction in the revision count, ultimately seeing the campaign launched on time and within budget.


Time Efficiency

Batch Review and Approval, combined with online proofing tools, eliminates the need to approve assets individually, saving valuable time for your team.

Reduced Errors and Touch Points

Approving batches with online proofing tools minimizes the chances of errors and eliminates unnecessary touchpoints, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Compliance Made Easy

Admation's Batch Review gives your team a structured and organized approach to approvals and ensures that all assets have been approved, meeting any compliance requirements.

Enhanced Productivity for Creatives

Creatives can now focus on their work without the distraction of reviewing separate feedback for individual assets, thanks to the streamlined process facilitated by online proofing tools.

In essence, Admation’s Batch Review and Approval feature, helps creative teams navigate the increased volume of work and complexities of modern creative projects. From understanding its functionalities to exploring practical use cases and benefits, this integrated toolset ensures your team’s creative workflow is not just efficient but truly exceptional.