Client Case Study

CPA Australia

Admation’s marketing and project management solution for CPA

The marketing department at CPA Australia needed to improve their approval process for producing marketing material, which included brochures, advertising, event signage, promotions and an Annual Report. The department was required to assess how a marketing project management solution could help them manage their volume of work better and streamline approval workflow processes along the way. We interviewed Meg Yeates, Manager – Brand Marketing, at CPA to find out why the brand selected and implemented admation.

The Annual Report is a primary document that CPA is required to produce. A number of stakeholders need to be involved in the production of this document including key executives and internal stakeholders responsible for project management. The approval process requires several stages and a number of external signs-offs are required to ensure the formal process is followed.

One of the main challenges the marketing department encountered producing the Annual Report was a high revision count. Prior to implementing admation, over 17 versions of the document were created before the report was approved. CPA Australia decided to look at the process in a holistic way and felt that admation was part of the solution for delivering a more effective approval process.

CPA Australia implemented admation’s software, an online approval workflow solution. This enabled the brand to streamline their marketing approval workflow, and reduce versions and duplications.

“With the help of admation, we’ve reduced the number of revisions down to eight,” says Yeates. “We anticipate reducing that number even further. Admation has provided us with huge benefits compared with the older processes that had been established in the business.” 

Yeates believes they were able to make significant improvements with admation because they were able to track what they were doing.

“We’ve also seen a reduction in the duplication of the same job coming through. As an international business, it’s not uncommon to see people brief in the same job. Admation is helping us to pick those instances up.”

Did CPA Australia encounter any issues implementing admation?

“I think the challenge for the team at CPA Australia was adapting to a new way of working,” says Yeates. “However, the team at admation came in and provided training and support, so any of the team members who might have been challenged were then able to embrace and use the solution.”

The overall benefits of using admation?

“The benefits are never-ending,” says Yeates. “It’s an amazing example of how CPA has been able to achieve outstanding results that are for the business and its operations. We produce a very high volume of material on an annual basis, and admation has enabled the business to keep up. In fact, its enabled us to increase the amount of work produced. We’ve also seen a definite improvement in our marketing approval process because of it.”