Client Case Study:

Choice Hotels' Success Story with Admation

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Introduction to the Client

Choice Hotels, the largest hotel franchisors in Australasia, proudly representing brands such as Econo Lodge®, Comfort®, Quality®, Clarion®, and the Ascend Hotel Collection, embarked on a journey to find a solution that would streamline their marketing workflow. As they approached this challenge, they discovered Admation, a pivotal step in their quest for efficiency and compliance in their marketing operations.


Choice Hotels faced significant obstacles in their marketing workflow before embracing Admation. Their previous software required manual data entry for each job, hindering the approval process. It lacked critical features like digital asset management, file sharing, and collaboration capabilities with other departments. Additionally, the lack of transparency made it challenging to understand the graphic designer's priorities and workload.

Bree Mansell, Communications Coordinator at Choice Hotels, explained, "The process was quite cumbersome and was leading to a lengthy approval procedure, which wasn't efficient for the entire team, so we decided a change was needed."

Defining Requirements

Choice Hotels had clear requirements for the approval workflow software they were seeking. They needed a cloud-based solution that provided:

Transparency across Different Departments: Ensure everyone could easily track the progress of marketing projects.

Robust Approval Workflow Capabilities: Streamline the approval process for faster project delivery.

A Centralised Repository for High-Resolution Artwork: Easily store, access, and manage high-quality assets.

Collaborative Tools: Enable seamless collaboration among various departments.

An Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface: Ensure that the software was easy to use for all team members.

Discovering Admation

In their pursuit of a solution that met these requirements, graphic designer Jody Horne conducted online research and stumbled upon Admation. As Mansell shared, "Jody just loved the way Admation looked. Once we explored the benefits, it very quickly became evident that Admation was a perfect fit and provided most of the functionality that we were looking for in a workflow management/artwork approval system."

Implementing Admation

The implementation of Admation was a seamless experience for both the marketing and creative teams. Mansell noted, "Admation provided a trainer who helped Jody set up the system and customise the required data for our business." The post-implementation phase saw hands-on support, ensuring a smooth transition.

Benefits of Implementing Admation

Choice Hotels realised numerous benefits beyond their initial requirements:

Efficient Job Delivery

Admation significantly streamlined job delivery for the marketing team. Projects were completed ahead of schedule.

Self-Serve Capabilities

The shopping cart tool enabled team members to access images and logos independently, reducing reliance on the studio. This self-service feature saved time and resources.

Version Comparison

Admation facilitated easy version comparison, ensuring that the right version of assets was always used, reducing errors.

Effortless File Sharing

Seamless file sharing with external parties improved collaboration and communication, resulting in more effective project management.

Effective Mark Up Tool

Simplified feedback collection and forwarding, making the review process faster and more efficient.

User-Friendly Interface

All departments found Admation's interface easy to navigate, ensuring efficient job tracking.

Additional Benefits Achieved

Enhanced Compliance

Admation's compliance features ensured that all marketing materials met industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of compliance-related issues.

Reduced Artwork Revisions

Clearer communication and efficient approvals led to a significant reduction in artwork revisions, saving both time and money.

Improved Freelancer Onboarding

The ability to provide freelance graphic designers with access to previous versions and briefings simplified the onboarding process and improved collaboration.

Data-Driven Insights

Admation's reporting capabilities provided valuable insights into the marketing approval workflow, allowing for data-driven decision-making and further process improvements.

Faster Project Turnaround

Admation's streamlined workflow and collaboration tools allowed Choice Hotels to finish projects ahead of schedule, providing a competitive advantage.

Overall Benefits of Implementing Admation

“In a recent campaign, we finished five business days ahead of schedule, which is an amazing result,” says Mansell. “Admation makes us more efficient and has made our lives so much simpler.”