Admation's approval checklists to manage marketing compliance

By Jodie Byass


As marketers, each day you are managing an increasing number of creative projects - digital, print and video, as well as a range of content including e-books, whitepapers and blog articles. It is not uncommon for each project type to have a different set of requirements that need to be met for approval and marketing compliance.

One of the most common marketing challenges our clients' experience is staying on top of these requirements throughout the marketing approval process, and ensuring they comply with corporate governance and industry regulations. As a result, your marketing compliance can be compromised.

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Well, the admation product team decided it was time to incorporate a new feature into admation to assist you with managing this part of the marketing process. 

So, I am thrilled to introduce you to admation's 'Approval Checklists'


What is an Approval Checklists?

Admation enables users to set up a template which provides a list of actions or questions that stakeholders need to complete or consider throughout the lifecycle of a creative project. A project cannot be completed or approved for distribution or broadcast until each of the items noted down have been completed. 

These are then customised for different client or stakeholder groups, ensuring that each one is relevant for the project type. For example, the Checklist for a video project would be different to one for a print campaign. 


Who sets up Checklist templates?
Within admation, approval checklist templates are setup at the account administrator level. Your admation account contact would assist you with this set up. Depending on the organisation and the industry, different stakeholders such as legal, marketing, product and brand teams will have input the items and questions to be included on each template.


How do Approval Checklists help Marketing and Legal teams?

Relevant stakeholders are prompted throughout the marketing compliance and approval process to complete the 'Approval Checklist'. This ensures that all of the relevant items are completed before an approval request is sent to the group of stakeholders for feedback or signoff. 

Ultimately, these lists ensure that projects are only sent to certain stakeholders for review or approval at the right time in the process. This means people are not wasting time and effort reviewing artwork that is not ready for them. Naturally, this leads to fewer revisions and greater efficiency across your marketing process.  And we can all agree that this can only be a good thing!! 


Benefits of admation?s ?Approval Checklist? feature:

  • Better marketing compliance as errors are reduced due to meticulous checking
  • Eliminates high artwork revisions as reviewers have a list of requirements to check off before providing feedback or approving deliverables
  • Reduces confusing or inaccurate feedback that can lead to mistakes going public and expensive fines if they breach marketing compliance
  • Decreases bottlenecks that eat into precious creative time and budgets
  • Resources aren?t overloaded with relentless artwork changes caused by incorrect feedback
  • Less delays, faster turnarounds and better budgeting on marketing projects
  • Better ROI for your business with improved marketing compliance

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