nib selects admation to help manage its marketing approval workflow

By Jodie Byass


Introduction to the Client:
Nib, a renowned Australian health insurer, has been a valued client since 2018. They offer financial, health, and insurance solutions to a customer base exceeding 500,000 individuals. With a presence in over 50 locations across Australia, Nib is committed to enhancing the lives of its customers through value-driven banking services.


With marketing compliance coming into focus, Nib faced the challenge of managing their content-based work through email, leading to issues such as cluttered inboxes, unclear feedback, and difficulties in locating past marketing content files. Nib recognised the need for a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

Discovering Admation:

Improved Approval Response Times: In their ongoing partnership with Admation, Nib implemented the software into the NIB travel division of their business. This strategic decision was driven by their desire to realise tangible benefits and outcomes. Specifically:

  • By summarising all approval requests in one list, Nib streamlined their response process, ensuring that all stakeholders promptly attended to requests.
  • Automatic checklists eliminated the risk of feedback and approvals being overlooked, allowing Nib to meet deadlines efficiently.

Automatic Audit Trail: Another crucial aspect of Nib's discovery of Admation was the automatic audit trail feature. This functionality provided Nib's marketers, legal department, and managers with a comprehensive view of project feedback and information. The benefits included:

  • Significantly reducing the risk of marketing compliance issues due to the transparency and traceability of all project-related.
  • Simplifying the process of locating information related to live marketing content, saving time and effort.
Nib's Achievements with Admation:
Since implementing Admation, Nib has achieved significant benefits:
Streamlined Asset Management:
Admation's asset library has been a game-changer for Nib. It provides a centralised platform for storing, searching, and accessing logos and images. This feature has not only saved valuable time for the marketing department but has also improved overall asset management efficiency. Now, finding the right assets is a breeze, ensuring that Nib's marketing materials are always on point.
Enhanced Workflow Insights:
Admation's robust reporting capabilities have empowered Nib with valuable insights into their marketing approval workflow. This newfound visibility has allowed Nib to identify bottlenecks and streamline their processes. By pinpointing areas that needed improvement, Nib has successfully optimised its operational efficiency. This means projects move through the pipeline smoothly, deadlines are met, and marketing content is delivered promptly, all while maintaining compliance standards.

Learn More About Admation:
If you are interested in discovering how Admation can benefit your marketing team, schedule a call with our product team. You can also download our "Admation At A Glance Guide" to explore the key features of Admation in more detail.

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