nib selects admation to help manage its marketing approval workflow

By Jodie Byass


Nib, an Australian health insurer, selected admation as its preferred approval workflow software. We're thrilled about this new client relationship and look forward to helping nib streamline its marketing content production.

Prior to admation, nib's marketing department produced content-based work using email to manage feedback and approvals. The types of challenges the department encountered included email inbox clutter, unclear feedback and approvals, and difficulty locating old marketing content files.

nib required one comprehensive tool that could provide:

  • Approval workflow management for greater transparency and clarity when managing approvals
  • An automatic audit trail to track all marketing work
  • Approval checklists to ensure legal requirements are checked off before content goes live
  • An ad storage feature for saving approved content so that past work is quick and easy to locate

Admation was selected by nib for its range of integrated features. nib is initially rolling out admation to its marketing and legal teams, followed then by the content and product teams. Admation will be used to manage nib's marketing approval processes and assets. Once all the teams are comfortable with these features, they will look at integrating the online briefing tool which will enable them to brief jobs into the system.  

With admation, nib aims to achieve:

1. Improved approval response times
  • All approval requests summarised in one list will allow users to readily see what they need to respond to. This is pertinent for the legal team which receive all kinds of approval requests from across the business.  
  • A checklist that is automatically created for stakeholders will eliminate the risk of feedback and approvals being overlooked. Instead users can quickly sort requests by deadline to make sure they are sending feedback in a timely manner. 
2. An automatic audit trail of work (as all project files and feedback are saved in one online location)
  • An automatic audit trail will provide nib?s marketers, the legal department and managers to see all project feedback and information which decreases the risk of marketing compliance issues. 
  • If an issue arises with any live marketing content, just a few clicks and the information can be found and checked in admation instead of trawling through reams of emails.

nib's progress with admation so far:

The asset library has already proved highly beneficial for users. The ability to store, search for and access logos and images is a big time saver for the marketing department. This feature can also potentially save the business money if the photography is already paid for and readily available. Reporting is also seen as a major benefit. The ability to measure and track marketing approval workflow enables the marketing department to see where bottlenecks are occurring. This can help them get insights into their marketing operations and further improve processes.  

Interested in learning more about admation and how it could benefit your marketing team? Schedule a call with our product teamOr download our Admation At A Glance Guide to learn more about admation's key features. 

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