Admation's Latest Product Update: Elevating Your Marketing Efficiency

By Jodie Byass


With our latest product update, Admation continues to reshape how marketing teams collaborate and manage projects, ensuring our software remains an integral part of your marketing toolkit in an ever-evolving industry.

Here's a quick run-down of Admation's latest improvements and new features. 

 Ad Storage: A Marketer's Dream

The new Ad Storage capabilities, particularly the 'In Market Now' feature, are a game-changer. Consider a call centre operative in a different time zone needing to know the current promotions or offers. With this feature, they have instant visibility, ensuring that the information they provide to customers is up-to-date and relevant. This level of accessibility streamlines communication across departments, enhancing both internal efficiency and customer experience.

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 Collaborative Approvals Reinvented

A year ago, we introduced the MS Word approvals feature in Admation, a significant step in streamlining the marketing approval process.

In our latest product update, we've further developed this feature, bringing additional benefits and fostering even greater collaboration. This enhancement allows marketing teams, regardless of their locations, to work on Word documents simultaneously and in real time. This level of interaction is a major advancement, as it removes the delays associated with sequential editing.

Now, team members can contribute and provide feedback instantly, leading to a more dynamic and efficient approval process. This breakthrough not only accelerates project timelines but also enhances creativity through seamless collaboration.


Customisation at Your Fingertips

Customisation is key in making software feel like it's truly yours. With the new custom approval messages, organisations can tailor their workflow reminders, ensuring that specific instructions or workflow nuances are front and centre. This feature is a boon for project managers who juggle multiple campaigns, ensuring that each submission is aligned with organisational standards and compliance requirements.

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Streamlined Efficiency with Approval Delegation

Admation's latest product update introduces the innovative Approval Delegation feature, designed to significantly enhance workflow flexibility. Approval Delegation acts like a virtual assistant, tuned into your schedule and priorities. It provides a practical solution for those instances when you're caught up in an unexpected meeting or away from the office.

This feature allows you to delegate an approval request, or even a batch of requests, to the right person in your team. It's ideal for those moments when you're short on time but need to ensure that the approval process continues smoothly. By assigning the task to someone else, you make sure that the workflow progresses without any interruptions, keeping your projects on track.

To give you a clearer understanding of how Approval Delegation works in real-life scenarios, we've prepared a short video, which you can view here. This video demonstrates the ease and efficiency with which you can manage your approvals, ensuring that each submission is handled by the most appropriate person, even in your absence.

In essence, Approval Delegation is more than just a feature; it's a lifeline for busy marketing managers, providing a level of flexibility and control that keeps your projects moving forward, regardless of the unexpected twists in your day.


Dashboard Charts: Dynamic Insights for Informed Decisions

Last quarter, Admation introduced Dashboard Charts, a feature embraced enthusiastically by our clients. Honouring our commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction, we've further enhanced this feature in our latest product update. These enhancements bring your data to life, offering a more dynamic and interactive way to view crucial information.

Marketing teams can now rapidly access the most pertinent data, including the top 15 Task Types in the Logged Hours chart and an array of customisable search filters. These enhancements transform how data is visualised and interacted with, providing decision-makers with a clear and concise snapshot of ongoing campaigns and their performance.

These visual insights are invaluable for strategic planning and resource allocation. The ability to quickly grasp the status of various campaigns through the Dashboard Charts means that decision-makers can make informed, data-driven decisions swiftly. This not only optimises current campaign strategies but also provides foresight for future marketing efforts.

By continuously developing features like Dashboard Charts, Admation reaffirms its dedication to evolving with the needs of our clients, ensuring our tools not only meet but exceed expectations in the dynamic world of marketing project management.

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Admation: Evolving with You

At Admation, we understand that the only constant in marketing is change. Our latest product release is more than just a set of new features; it's a reflection of our dedication to evolving with the needs of our users. By enhancing collaboration, customisation, and accessibility, Admation continues to be an essential tool for marketers navigating the dynamic and challenging landscape of modern marketing.

Incorporating these innovations into your marketing workflow not only streamlines processes but also opens up new possibilities for creativity and efficiency. As your partner in marketing success, Admation is committed to continuous evolution, ensuring that our software not only meets but anticipates your needs, keeping you ahead in the game.

If you would like to learn more about Simple Admation and how it can bring greater efficiency to your marketing team or ad agency, book a time to chat with our team.