Admation Releases New Look 'Submission Manager'

By Jodie Byass


A talented UX Designer is an integral part of any successful product development team, as they have a unique perspective on the product from the end user's point of view. Their responsibility is to ensure that the daily experience of using Admation to manage projects, timelines, tasks, resources, and approvals is a positive one that users enjoy day after day.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Admation's new and improved 'Submission Manager', the first of many interface improvements to come. Admation has always prioritized efficient sharing, reviewing, collaborating, and approving of marketing content and projects, and the 'Submission Manager' is at the core of this work. It is crucial that this feature continues to provide a positive user experience, and this release includes updates to the icons to modernize the interface.

Previously, the Approval Submission screen was split into two interfaces, a simple view and an advanced view, with different features accessible to users. However, after listening to user feedback, we recognized the opportunity to improve this interface. As a result, we have merged these interfaces to make navigation easier while still providing quick access to advanced features.


Our updated project feature video will guided through these changes. 

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We have also updated the icons across Admation, replacing some of the color and designs with more neutral and simpler icons. The new Dashboard showcases some of these new icons that will be visible across the application.

We welcome any feedback you may have on these interface updates, and we are always happy to receive positive feedback through product reviews. We are excited to share more of these updates with you in the months ahead. Be sure to watch our updated product feature video to guide you through these changes.