Client Case Study:

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's Success Story with Admation

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Introduction to the Client

In 2016, the Marketing division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank embarked on a quest to find project management software that could streamline their creative workflow. The solution they chose was Admation, and we spoke with Dan Holland, the Creative Hub Manager, to uncover the challenges that led to Admation's implementation and the numerous ways in which it has benefited their business.


Before implementing Admation, Dan's department relied on paper-based job bags to manage marketing projects and approval workflows. This manual process offered limited visibility into their work. In an attempt to improve visibility, an internal shared workbook hosted on an internal server was introduced. This spreadsheet-based system allowed marketing to brief jobs into the workbook and record approval statuses. However, it came with several challenges, including:

Lack of Collaborative Features: Approvals still relied on email communication.

Time-Consuming Feedback and Approvals: Significant time was spent on back-and-forth communication to collate feedback and approvals.

Connectivity Issues for Remote Staff: Remote team members faced connectivity challenges, leading to workarounds and email-based submissions.

Dan recalled, "Some of our marketing staff are spread across the country, and they often didn't have the connectivity. As we got bigger, it became more of an issue and it got harder to manage. We had to do workarounds where people started emailing details to be added to the workbook. Things were taking longer in the system than they needed to."

Selecting the Right Marketing Project Management Software

After a few years of using the workbook, the business recognised the need for a more efficient solution. A small working group from marketing was formed to research project management tools. They sought a system that could:

•Streamline their approval workflow.

•Offer resource management and digital asset management (DAM) features.

Dan noted that while many systems were available, they either focused solely on DAM or included irrelevant features. The group shortlisted and met with a few companies to make an informed choice.

"I think when you're looking at implementing change, simplicity and user experience are key. Of the presentations, the Admation team did a brilliant job and made us feel at ease with it all. Another key factor, which was offered by Admation, was to visit another business that was using the system. When it came to making a final decision, this was really important for us."

Implementing Admation

Admation provided a range of onsite workshops and training sessions, offering the Creative Hub and wider marketing teams a comprehensive overview of the software. The opportunity for everyone to use Admation in a test environment, with questions answered, proved invaluable.

Initially, there was some reluctance to change processes and systems, so Dan and Kylie Tan, the Creative Hub Workflow Manager, became Admation champions. They emphasised the benefits of the new system, helping colleagues overcome the initial barrier to change.

Benefits of Admation

Since Admation’s implementation, the Creative Hub team has enjoyed several improvements. While also prompting adjustments to their workflow, aligning it with Admation’s best practice standards.

Reduced Artwork Revisions

Collaborative feedback features have led to fewer artwork revisions, saving time and resources.

Freed-Up Marketing Resources

Other departments can now brief jobs into Admation, freeing up marketing resources.

Enhanced Resource Management

Production managers have greater visibility over marketing resources.

Improved Workflow Transparency

Marketing now has full transparency over their approval workflow, eliminating the need to search through emails for each touchpoint.

Best Features of Admation

Dan highlighted a range of features that streamlined his team’s work:

Asset Management

Admation's asset management allows marketing to save and track assets in a secure, central location alongside their project work.

Search Functionality

Any approved stakeholder can log in and easily locate working files or project documents.

Re-Run Campaigns

The re-run campaigns feature expedites the briefing process when adjustments are needed before a campaign goes live again.

Automatic Audit Trail

Admation provides an automatic audit trail of work, enabling anyone to log in and track jobs.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools, such as the revision report, allow the Creative Director to monitor branding and performance.

Online Proofing Tools

The ability to proof and mark up videos directly within Admation has been particularly valuable.

Last words

“Our only real challenge has been people’s reluctance to embrace change. But we’ve certainly overcome that now.” The successful implementation of Admation has transformed the way Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Marketing division manages its creative workflow, leading to increased efficiency and streamlined processes.