Features & Benefits

Approval Workflow Management

This is a multi-featured module of admation that was created to streamline the process of managing approvals for a range of marketing projects.


  • Dashboard Provides a summary of approvals in progress. Status icons identify whether work is approved, pending or not yet approved.
  • Approval Pathways Customisable approval pathways to suit any simple or multi-layered approval process.
  • Approval Path Templates Create an approval template to automatically route approvals on a dedicated pathway.
  • Approval Flexibility Select from two approval options Anybody Approve or Everybody Approve to suit the campaign.
  • Approval Checklists A checklist of questions and actions that need to be actioned before a project can be approved for publishing.
  • Full Screen Approval Batch view of approval requests on one screen.
  • Online Proofing Tools Mark up a range of files including print, web, video and flash files. Review artwork versions side-by-side on a single screen.
  • Collaboration A robust feedback system for reviewers to view and submit feedback.
  • Collate Feedback Collate feedback and select the amendments to be included in a change summary report for the creative team.
  • Secure Third Party Approvals Provides security for any external approvals through a secure email link.
  • Reserve Button Any member of Legal or Compliance can reserve an approval request for review.
  • Automated Reminders Automated approval follow ups.
  • Audit Trail Automatic audit trail of marketing work.
  • Digital Asset Management & Ad Library Inbuilt asset management to store current brand assets. Save final, approved artwork in an Ad Library.
  • Revision Report Review a complete listing of revisions submitted for approval.


  • Achieve greater transparency
  • Eliminate email approvals
  • Reduce repetitive marketing tasks
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Decrease artwork revisions
  • Improve marketing compliance
  • Meet deadlines and budgets
  • Promote accountability
  • Improve quality of marketing output
  • Fast track campaigns
  • Secure asset and file storage
  • 24/7 remote access