Approval Checklist

Marketing compliance is crucial for creating successful, consistent and error-free advertisements. Admation’s Approval Checklist feature enables you to set up a customised to-do list that stakeholders need to sight and check off before approving work.

Show different checklists to different groups of people, so that your stakeholders’ approval efforts are where they’re needed most. This often means fewer mistakes across your marketing approval workflow, whilst keeping teams accountable for their feedback.

Approval Checklists are loved by

Ad & Digital Agency

Banking & Finance

Marketing & Operations

Benefits of Approval Checklists

  • Reduces artwork revisions as stakeholders have a list of feedback requirements to adhere to
  • Stay cost effective! Resources aren’t caught up in a never-ending cycle of artwork changes caused by inaccuracies
  • Decreases the chance of errors being missed
  • Reduces bottlenecks improving your overall turnaround on creative projects
  • Improved efficiencies which means better returns on your marketing projects

A Quick Overview of Approval Checklists

Where a checklist is added to an approval, all stakeholders will be required to complete it before approving the work. Reviewers can spot the Approval Checklist feature to the right of the item they are reviewing.

Each checklist must be completed to standard before approving work. Validations can be added to checklists to prevent reviewers from approving work that shouldn’t be ready to go to market.

Project team members and organisation admins can keep their eyes on whether checklists have been completed by each reviewer.

Responses to checklist questions are saved under the approval’s details, and in the project’s audit trail for added transparency and accountability.