Reserve Button

The admation reserve button allows team members to reserve a job in situations where it’s not a necessity for everyone to review the work. This eliminates the possibility of multiple team members unnecessarily providing feedback on work when they do not need to.

The Reserve Button is loved by

Health & Pharma

Marketing & Operations

Banking & Finance

Benefits of admation’s Reserve Button

  • Set aside and reserve work for other team members or for yourself, with clear visual cues to communicate who’s responsible for what
  • Put an end to duplicate work on approval items for Legal or Compliance teams
  • Put your colleague’s minds at ease knowing that someone has declared responsibility for actioning an approval item
  • Rest assured that what goes to market is approved by Legal or Compliance
  • In the bigger picture, maintain your brand’s reputation in the marketplace

A Quick Overview of the Reserve Button

Click the Reserve Button above the artwork to reserve work for yourself or someone else.

When a user reserves an item for themselves, the Reserve button will say Reserved by me.

Other team members will also see that the item has been Reserved.

If another team member tries to action the work despite the reservation, admation will advise them against doing so. In this way, the admation feature encourages a sense of ownership over an approval.