Assign & Reassign Tasks

Forget the days of scrolling through spreadsheets to reassign tasks. Re-allocate tasks in a few easy steps instead, using the admation Resource Manager.

Reassigning Tasks is loved by

Ad & Digital Agency

Health & Pharma

Marketing & Operations

Benefits of Reassigning Tasks in admation

  • Quick, easy and convenient
  • See in a matter of seconds who has the capacity to take on the task
  • Eliminate tedious administration using traditional tools such as spreadsheets
  • No more sweating it when a marketing team member calls in sick
  • Keep your marketing projects on deadline and budget

A Quick Overview of Reassigning Tasks

A department manager has access to view task allocations for all team members within their team, under one easy-to-access summary view.

Understand at a glance who has the capacity to take on new tasks in a matter of days, weeks or months, using our range of views. Using an employee’s working hours, and a compilation of existing hours already allocated to work, resource managers can determine who’s best suited to a specific job.

Drag and drop to reassign tasks to other team members, using gaps in a person’s work day to identify where to slot tasks in for completion.