Re-run a Project

Marketers can re-run a project and associated deliverables with a few simple clicks, making it easier than ever to spruce up the visuals on a campaign that’s run annually, or to adapt existing campaigns for new markets.

Re-running a Project is loved by

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Benefits of Re-running a Project in admation

  • Re-run a project with all the checks and balances in place to ensure you’re running final and approved marketing assets
  • Make tweaks or edits to your project and deliverables to localise campaigns for a specific market
  • Locate final and approved marketing assets from the re-run a project feature in a few clicks
  • Send your updated deliverables for approval to the right people before you send it to market
  • An easy, secure and fail-safe way of re-running important marketing campaigns

A Quick Overview of Re-running a Project

Access all previously approved projects from your Ad Storage. Locate your project from a range of filters and sort options.

Re-run your project with a single click, using existing meta-data from your previous campaign to save double handling and additional admin work for configuring your new project. For larger projects with multiple deliverables, pick and choose which items you’d like to re-run.

Upload your new visuals and send them for approval before they go to market!