Online Proofing Tools

Admation’s online proofing tools offer marketers a great range of options for reviewing work clearly, efficiently and on time.

Online Proofing Tools are loved by

Banking & Finance

Ad & Digital Agency

Marketing & Operations

Benefits of Online Proofing Tools

  • Stakeholders can easily annotate artwork onscreen instead of having to scan through handwritten changes
  • Feedback is easy for marketers to decipher and brief to the design team
  • Stakeholders can review their colleague’s comments to ensure that their feedback is not conflicting
  • Reduce duplicate feedback by using our revision comparison tools
  • All feedback is captured in one central system so that marketers don’t need to sift through disjointed emails to decipher the feedback
  • Version controls help to determine whether work is on target

A Quick Overview of Online Proofing Tools

Review and provide feedback on artwork and other documents for approval using a range of mark up tools along the bottom of the screen.

View team feedback by selecting a name along the approval path, and start insightful collaborative conversations by tagging team members in comments.

Where there are multiple revisions of work, select the Compare tool to view previous versions of work – and their respective comments – side by side, so that duplicate or conflicting feedback can become a thing of the past!

Reviewers can hit Approve or Request Changes to submit their work! Clear status icons show next to their names when work has been approved or rejected by someone in the team.