Key Dates

Admation’s key dates allow you to set deadlines for your projects, campaigns and deliverables. Organise your workload by using key dates to create marketing calendars, use structured weekly lane views, and even link our dates with your external calendars to have full visibility over what’s due next. Establish custom key dates to complement your existing workflows. And hit your looming deadlines, with custom email notifications to let you know when deadlines are approaching.

Key Dates are loved by

Retail & E-Commerce

Marketing & Operations

Ad & Digital Agency

Benefits of Key Dates

  • Store your key dates in one centralised location, and create a single source of truth for those project milestones and important deadlines
  • Link your key dates to an admation project briefing template, so that information entered across the platform remains consistent
  • Sort projects by their deadlines, so you know which projects to prioritise first
  • Hit your looming deadlines, by downloading your project dates to any external calendar app, so that you know what’s due next
  • Download your calendar out of the system as a PDF file to eliminate duplicate admin work

A Quick Overview of Key Dates

Key dates can be attached to your project when you create a new project or brief. Set your default start dates, end dates and supply deadlines, and fill out any custom dates, such as presentation dates, design dates and build dates, in just a few clicks.

For a single source of truth across the system, you can automatically link your project dates to custom brief or document templates.

Create marketing calendars and customise lane views based on your key dates, to have full transparency over what’s coming up next.