Approval Templates

Admation approval templates enable marketers to set customised approval pathways for their marketing projects. These customised approval pathways ensure that artwork is consistently sent to the correct stakeholders in the right sequence.

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Benefits of admation’s Approval Templates

  • Create customised approval pathway templates that you can re-use at the click of a button
  • Design automated tiered approvals, so that work is automatically sent to the next tier of stakeholders once the previous tier approves the work
  • Ensure that stakeholders get to review approval items in the right sequence, saving you from sending additional outbound emails
  • Eliminate tedious administration with automated reminders that so you can focus on more important elements of your marketing projects
  • Share your templates with related organisations like creative agencies to provide consistency across your internal and external approval workflow
  • Have confidence that your campaigns or marketing projects have been sighted and approved by all required stakeholders before it goes to market

A Quick Overview of Approval Templates

Create a range of custom Approval Path templates from an easy-to-use admin page.

Grant your custom template access to your creative agencies and other related organisations with the click of a button.

Design entire workflows by adding single users or entire groups to your custom workflow, with a few easy clicks. Approval levels define the sequence through which each person receives the work, whilst the other features in the template provide you with the flexibility to determine whether approval is sufficiently given when a single member in the workflow approves the work, or once all of its members do.

Once your templates are configured, users can select from a list to send their work off, ensuring less guesswork and more consistency across your company’s approval process.