Managing Brand Assets

Store and share all your marketing assets conveniently and securely, using admation’s Ad Storage and Asset Library Digital Asset Management modules. The asset and ad storage libraries compile each of your final and production files into one accessible hub for simple filtering, locating and sharing with third parties.

Managing Brand Assets is loved by

Marketing & Operations

Ad & Digital Agency

Retail & E-Commerce

Benefits of Managing Brand Assets

  • No more lost marketing assets! All approved and finalised campaign assets are stored in the Ad Storage library
  • Store current marketing assets such as logos and branding guidelines within the Asset Library to ensure that only current assets are used in market
  • Have complete control over your marketing assets by nominating only approved stakeholders to access your final marketing assets
  • Know for certain that your marketing assets saved in admation’s digital libraries are the correct versions. This circumvents any potential marketing compliance issues by mistakenly running a campaign with a previous, unapproved artwork version or using outdated logos
  • Locate and share your marketing assets in seconds instead of having to spend time searching for them in emails or on the server
  • Restrict file access to only the individuals or teams who need it

A Quick Overview of Managing Brand Assets

Manage your brand assets in one central system! Access your admation digital libraries with the click of a button.

Locate your assets in seconds using our smart filter tool.

Sort and display your assets by a range of options.

Conceal sensitive assets from view using a range of user access controls and restrictions.

Simply create new assets for approval, or load pre-approved assets directly into the digital libraries with a few clicks.