Act on Behalf

The admation act on behalf tool is an ingenious feature that provides team members with the flexibility to approve work on behalf of other stakeholders. Forget projects that stall as a result of busy or slow-to-respond co-workers. The act on behalf tool is a great feature for capturing feedback and progressing the approval process along without delay. Admation track and audits that somebody has actioned the approval on another person’s behalf, ensuring that users maintain accountability for their actions.

Acting on Behalf is loved by

Marketing & Operations

Ad & Digital Agency

Health & Pharma

Benefits of Acting on Behalf

  • Capture feedback communicated outside of the system on behalf of another user
  • Keep your projects on track
  • Acting on behalf of other users is audited so that users maintain accountability for their actions

A Quick Overview of Acting on Behalf

Forget stalled projects resulting from slow-to-respond approvers. Use the approval details screen to send additional reminders or act on behalf of colleagues.

Marking up comments on behalf of a user can be a really useful tool to ensure that projects don’t get left behind, that feedback isn’t forgotten in those crucial moments, and that deadlines are met. Perhaps a conversation has taken place externally and it’s up to someone else to convey these comments in the system for the design team.

To act on behalf, users can add marked up comments, where needed, into the system. These are saved with an icon indicating that the comments have been made on behalf of someone else.

From the approval details screen, the same icon indicates that work has been actioned on behalf of someone else. This action is also audited in admation for accuracy and transparency.